Georgia-Florida: A Family Feud

Buffy HuntContributor IOctober 29, 2008


Well, my brother, (Dermott really is my brother - See Dermott's article Florida-Georgia... A Rivalry) the proof will be known Saturday.  Injuries for Georgia have been pretty devastating, agreed,  but... every cloud has silver britches - Chapas was always an after thought behind Southerland,  take the Big Scott out of the equation for a few months and you see a boy FB turn into a monster FB man.  Now we have two, not one of the best in the nation (quoting Gary Danielson).  Then you look at Danelle Ellerbe,  behind him you have a few plays for Gamble,  now we have not one but two crazy LBs that are huge play makers.  Scary movie??? Who knew Gamble had it in him for two interceptions for two TD, tieing NCAA record.

Then lets talk about who Stafford tosses to now?  Oh,  gosh,  why don't I try this new guy cause he is taking the place of someone else that's hurt (Aaron White).  And then Mathew goes - Oh,  hey I don't have a play,  well,  I'll toss it out of bounds,  opps,  Khris Durham says,  "I'll get that one".  Oh, thats right he was injured.  Demiko Who,  yeah he is a Goodman!!!.  Now that is Scary

So my brother wants to put no credence in what happened in the past?  That's why he quotes "Florida won 15 out of the last 18 games, etc...".  Well I for one, am focusing on the present.  Not injuries of the past (both major injured players lost early in season).

Which team has the momentum?  Let's see UF 63 - KY 5 (a decimated team with half of the team on the injured list) Deland Highschool Football team could have beaten KY.  UGA 52 - LSU 38 at Death Valley with major key players out (Ellerbe and Chandler).  So much for momentum - unless of course you are talking about "style points".  I'd say thats some kind of style beating up on a team that is obviously beat after the first quarter.  UGA and UF are pretty even except, we got our ass kicked by Alabama (2) and you got your ass rubbed by Ole Miss (ranked, what, oh that's right not ranked). 

What about players out of rotation?  Let me give you rotation: 
Rennie Curran, Darryl Gamble, Reshad Jones, Asher Allen, Akeem Dent, Prince Miller, CJ Byrd, Geno Atkins, Bryan Evans, Corey Irvin, Demarcus Dobbs, Vance Cuff, Jeromy Lomax, Justin Houstin, Jarius Wynn, Ramarcas Brown, Rod Battle, Darius Dewberry, Kade Weston, Dannell Ellerbe.  20 well seasoned defensive players.  Lots of fresh legs there my bro.
 Mathew Stafford, AJ Green, Massaquoi, Michael Moore, Kenneth Harris, Kris Durham, Demiko Goodman, Shaun Chapas, Aron White,  Caleb King, Shaun Chapas, Brandon Southerland, Muzenmaier.  Brian Mimbs, Drew Butler, Blair Walsh.  Chris Davis, Clint Boling, Ben Jones, Zach Renner, Bruce Figgins, Cordy Glenn,   Justin (Bean) Anderson.

These players have all been in the last three games (except Dannelle Ellerbe).  So there is plenty of fresh leg rotation. 

Florida's loss to Mississippi is in the past. So is Georgia's loss to Alabama. However, Derm sees that Georgia has not changed much during the course of the season. Georgia has not changed much during the course of the season?  Huh?  Well, with a 7-1 record for a very "brutal" schedule, (3rd in nation for SOS) we have changed plenty, but more than change, Georgia has used a steady course to win 7 of 8 games. The OL injuries were very early in the season.  It is not like this OL has not played and won 7 of 8 games.  Please.  The OL is no longer young.  And you mention our TE injuries, Figgins and White are still out there,  and oh, Aron did have that 48 yarder Saturday.  Surprise, Surprise, Surprise.  Opps,  guess he is not as hurt as bad as all that. 

I am not saying that Florida's d has not improved,  but to say that our OL has been decemated by injuries,  I don't think so.  Did you really watch that LSU game???   Florida will have to watch out for every WR, TE, and TB we've got on the field at one time,  cause either Sutherland or Chapas or Munzenmeir is gonna make a hole,  or those "really young pups" are gonna protect MS in that pocket and you are gonna see (or maybe not cause if you blink....) MS pop one after another out before he takes his licks.  Cause the OL ain't so young no more.   They are gonna show you how pups became really mean dawgs in a very short amount of time. 

We are healthy as we can be,  and these newbies are out to prove themselves just as they did at UT, VU and LSU.  They ain't much difference from the OL of 2007.  Those boys have now stepped up and decided they would have to take up the slack for their injured brothers. 

Now, as for secret weapons: our big baby bear Ben.  He is no sweetheart.  He is mean as hell,  and guess what,  he loves like hell to block, tackle, and just be as mean as he can be.  Ain't no youngin' no more.  And AJ isn't just a pretty boy that catches balls, Mr. Hollywood likes to block too.  And so you know Knowshon,  but do you know there is that guy named King? 

And it certainly is nice to have two of the best FBs in CFB, and then Surprise, Surprise, Surprise, Munzenwhoooo?  Three legit FBs that are play makers and truck to more than one trailer!!! Look for these guys to punch a few holes not just for Knowshon, but also for Caleb and Samuel.  Ya just can't tell who is gonna punch through that hole. 

So,  only Mo Mass and AJ are gonna keep the offense in the game.  Did you really watch that LSU game.  Here let me remind you:

AJ Green (0) 3 89 1 29.7
Michael Moore (0) 3 38 0 12.7
Mohamed Massaquoi (0) 3 16 0 5.3
Kenneth Harris (0) 2 17 1 8.5
Knowshon Moreno (0) 2 9 0 4.5
Aron White (0) 1 48 0 48.0
Demiko Goodman (0) 1 16 0 16.0
Kris Durham (0) 1 10 0 10.0
Brannan Southerland (0) 1 6 0 6.0

Those are the guys that "received" during the LSU game. Nine of them?    So who the hell knows who is gonna be catching a ball?  Sorry,  it is just not AJ and MoMass.  Pretty nice weapons.

In my opinion, there are just too many surprise weapons: see above.  And as far as speedy fellows,  well, we might not have the speed, but we sure have the sneakiest, jukingest RBs around.  Slippery little suckers huh?  

I see Stafford using his short punching passes, with an occasional bomb down the field.  He will control the clock, he will be calm in the pocket because he can trust his OL to give him a second or two more to find all of his pretty nice weapons. Cause, if he doesn't like what he sees, he changes it fast and all of a sudden, Knowshon is following some FB like a trailer following a truck.

Look,  you watched the game.  LSU's defense is not incompetent, and you know it.  And you probably did not really pay close attention to the second half of the GA/AL game, where the GA defense held them to 10 points and the young OL was able to battle back and put 31 points on the board.  And had it not been for a couple of BS calls from our wonderful officiating team, we would have gone into over time.

Please as much as I love my brother the gator fan- he is going to hate me when I remind them that Ole Miss had their Christmas Party early.  This game is going to be close because both teams are just about equal.  It is going to be a close battle,  no blowout,  and it will come down to who controls the ball and most importantly the clock.  UGA 43 FL 38