ECW: Where Young Guys Get Their Big Push

Cameron HagerCorrespondent IOctober 29, 2008

Why is ECW getting a little bit better so far?

The answer: class—Florida Championship Wrestling

Evan Bourne had the biggest moment of his career so far in facing Matt Hardy for the ECW championship. This was Evan's big main event push and in my opinion it worked out great. Evan now had his first big match, and even though he lost he showed that he has what it takes to be a main eventer.

Now ECW has another main eventer and another chance for a two-hour format. FCW guys should specifically ask Vince for a contract on ECW. The guys will get their main events there and their big push to the top.

CM Punk is an example of this. He won the ECW Championship, World Championship, and now the world tag team championship. So far everything is working out for him. Kofi Kingston has gotten the Intercontinental and world tag team title. What does it say that ECW can give guys their big break?

Let's put Kozlov on their roster. Kozlov has gotten his main event push thanks to Smackdown, yet somehow people didn't vote him in on Cyber Sunday.

Granted, I was the one who said they shouldn't give Kozlov the title. But after seeing what they are doing with him, Kozlov should get his chance. They should then put him on ECW and let him get the title by beating Matt Hardy or Mark Henry.

Ricky Ortiz. The kid seems to have a good chance at main eventing on ECW. Heck, he already had one main event; let's give him another.

Jack Swagger is having a pretty good storyline with Tommy Dreamer, and I want to see an Extreme Rules match put in that rivalry. Swagger will most likely main event at some point and could be a potential title shot guy.

Has anybody seen Gavin Spears lately? I haven't. Can we bring him back to ECW? I see some potential with him.

Let's get Kizarny on here, too. Although I want him to be called Sinn Bowdee because it sounds more extreme. Then again, we do have the Boogeyman on there, so I guess Kizarny could stick...not.

Can Boogeyman come back already? We saw him put worms in Chris Pontius' so we might as well have brought him back the next night.

Do I like the talent initiative? Yes. Do you? Let me here your opinions.

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