Sabres Surprise, While Senators Deceive Expectations

Jaime ReisContributor IOctober 29, 2008

Finally the end of the first month of action in the NHL, most specificly in the Northeastern division. Surprises and deceptions reign over this division. A detailed analysis of each team will give you a better look at what's happening in this part of the league.


The Habs start off the season strong with 6 wins in 8 games. Tanguay has shown Carbonneau and the fans what he is capable of, with 6 goals. Koivu has also surprised everybody with an incredible start with 10 points. Laraque brings a well needed physical boost to the team. The Habs are ready to rock n' roll.


The Sabres surprise all by leading the division with 14 points. Vanek tops the league with 8 goals, and Miller with the best GAA in the league (1.60). Buffalo is looking hot and this might continue like this, if their key players stay consistent.


Toronto starts off the season with a pretty regular record (3-3-3), with an organization that is still fragile. In a positive note, Nick Antropov ends the month with a +6 rating, and leads in the Toronto scoring leaders. The future is still uncertain for the leafs, but if their rookies step up their game, they could surprise.


With new coach, Craig Hartsburg, most thought that the problems would end. Not at all, Senators start off with a disappointing record (3-5-1 -7pts-). The key for the Sens is consistency; if Spezza, Heatley and Alfredsson continue regular results, this team could shine. But, until then, they'll stay at the bottom of the standings.


If Claude Julien looks at the stats, a smile will come on his face. Bruins start the season off with a good record (5-2-3 -13pts-), and with a stronger roster. With the return of Bergeron, and (maybe) the revival of Michael Ryder; the Bruins will thrive, with their 'commander', Marc Savard.