WWE Breaking News: CM Punk's Promo Gets Him Suspended; New No. 1 Contender

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIIJune 27, 2011

Sources: http://www.nodq.com/ 



Normally, I am not one to report these types of breaking news, but I believe that this is too much for me to report it.

NODQ reportedly reported on their Twitter that after RAW went off the air tonight, Michael Cole said that CM Punk had been "suspended indefinitely" and that a new WWE championship contender would be named next week.

Here is their tweet:

"CM Punk suspended indefinitely from WWE; new WWE Title challenger to be determined next week:http://nodq.com/wwe/311237338.shtml"


Now what does this mean for CM Punk's future?

Well, in case you missed his promo, he basically ripped apart the WWE and mentioned some names that are "forbidden." Names such as the names of other companies in ROH and New Japan Pro Wrestling and names of people who have bad ties with the business like Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar.

He basically did a shoot on the WWE and on his twitter @CMPunk where he said:

I'm in full, "what are they going to do, fire me?" mode.


This tweet shows that he basically did not follow the script and just destroyed the company in words.

He decimated the company and probably pissed off Vince McMahon because the mic just cut off during Punk's promo and he wasn't even finished.

He ripped into Vince McMahon's family and insulted the Rock as well. He even went as far as threatening to take the belt to NJPW or ROH.

Was this a work or a shoot? I believe it was the latter. It just seemed too real to be a work, but if it is a work, then I congratulate CM Punk on a job well done.

Who knows, but CM Punk just punked the company and it was nothing short of epic!



*UPDATE*: The contenders for the vacant WWE championship shot are R-Truth, Alberto Del Rio, and Rey Mysterio. They will face off in a Triple Threat next week on RAW.

**UPDATE**: The WWE Championship match has been removed from WWE.com's Money in the Bank PPV page. http://www.wwe.com/shows/moneyinthebank

***UPDATE***: According to WWE.com, this suspension could leave to his contract being terminated with the company, not that it matters. http://www.wwe.com/shows/raw/2011-06-27/mcmahon-suspends-punk

****UPDATE****: Punk's shoot has been released. It can be viewed here.

*****UPDATE*****: Punk has been removed from WWE's Superstars page. http://www.wwe.com/superstars