WWE Superstar Discussion: CM Punk's Segment at the End of Raw

Nate Scaccia@@TheNateScacciaAnalyst IIIJune 28, 2011

CM Punk via Twitter before Raw started: "Im in full 'what are they going to do fire me?' mode."

Hello Bleachers. I am writing this article while this idea is fresh in my mind. Raw ended just over 10 minutes ago. The closing match was John Cena vs. R-Truth in a tables match. This match should have been exciting enough but with CM Punk's interference, the match became even more exciting. Long story short, R-Truth speared Cena through the table for the win.

With the main event over, Raw would typically fade to black and the "WWE Entertainment" logo would flash on the screen. But tonight this did not happen. Instead, CM Punk grabbed a mic and began to cut one of the best promos in recent WWE history in my opinion.

Punk started off talking about how he will be quiting the WWE on July 17th and how he will take the WWE Championship with him. So far the promo is pretty standard. Punk doing what he does best and doing it in a predictable manner.

Punk then began to call Cena an ass kisser and also trashed Hulk Hogan and The Rock. Keep in mind he did all this while wearing a Stone Cold shirt. As the promo continued I began to see some real emotion in the eyes of Punk. Punk began to talk directly to the camera (Colt Cabana) and even had a few words bleeped out to keep it "PG."

CM Punk stated that when he is done with the WWE he may go to New Japan Wrestling or possibly a return to ROH. I expected him to say something like this and it was pretty standard. But again Punk would go further than what I expected.

Punk began to trash Vince McMahon and the WWE fans. Punk talked down on Vince and trashed him in a way that I have not seen since Stone Cold himself went toe to toe with Vince.

Punk said that the company would go on without him and then cut a line that went something like this: The WWE would be better off with Vince dead than anything else. But even then his stupid daughter and idiotic son-in-law would just take over.

I am paraphrasing this as I can't remember exactly what he said, but trust me it was pretty close to this.

Punk's final moments of the night came when he was starting to trash Vince McMahon's and the WWE's Anti-Bullying campaign. Punk's mic was cut before he could say anything negative on the topic but he continued to scream towards the cameras and the fans. Punk continued his tirade until the camera was suddenly cut and the show ended abruptly with no "WWE Entertainment" closing the show.

Whether or not this promo was scripted entirely like this or Punk free-versed his real life emotions into it, the promo was still one of if not the best promos in recent memory. Every time Punk stated something about the WWE, John Cena or the way he is currently being utilized in the WWE, I could see that nearly everything he said was the truth.

Punk said that he "doesn't hate Cena, he just hates the idea that he is looked at as being better than everyone else in the WWE." This goes right in line with what most people think of John Cena. Many people do not hate Cena, they just hate that the WWE forces "Super Cena" down our throats week in and week out.

Punk also stated that he is not in the Raw opening, does not get any TV shows or talk show time and is not in any movies. This is also all true. Punk also made reference to the way he is being utilized in the WWE. It is no secret that Punk feels he should be treated better than what he is, I agree with him 100 percent.

I guess the point I am getting to here is that I am wondering how scripted this promo was. It just seemed like this whole thing was full of emotion and real life truths that you typically don't see in the WWE.

Is it possible that this whole thing was scripted from start to finish? Absolutely.

Is it also possible that Punk put real life emotion into this promo? I believe this is also a distinct possibility.

As the title states this is a discussion article. Leave your thoughts about CM Punk's promo from last night's Raw in the comment section.

Do you think it was all scripted? Do you think Punk put his real life emotion into the promo? And do you think that the show's abrupt ending was planned or not?

I am writing this while it is fresh in my mind. In a few weeks when I look back at this, will I see that this was all planned? More than likely, but just the idea that maybe, just maybe there is something else going on here is enough for me to write an article on the subject.

Before I close here are some updates from the WWE and Twitter.

Michael reportedly said that CM Punk is suspended indefinitely when Raw went off the air.

Good 'ol JR had this to say on his Twitter: "Most compelling, controversial end of Raw in a long time. edgy, attitudinal & full of rage. Don't know what to think. Wow."

Mick Foley had this to say: "I have no idea where this thing might go, but I know I'll be watching. Captivating stuff."

Stone Cold tweets: "@CMPunk just melted my 52 inch TV with a scorching hot promo...delivery, content, and attitude...one of the best promos I've ever seen."

Several other stars such as Joey Styles and Todd Grisham have also chimed in. Could all of this be just a scheme? Yes, it could be. Do I think the WWE is clever enough to plan this and pull it off? Hell no.

The WWE has published this article on their web site.

Thanks for reading.