CvC 2.0: Heroes of Wrestling Past, the Katie Vick Angle

Nick BolyardContributor IIIMarch 28, 2017


Subject: WWE Angle that lasted less than a month. 

Yep.  I am going there.  In this very special Creature Vs. Creature 2.0 (Blue Division) Heroes of Wrestling Past, we are all going to reflect on Katie Vick: The best WWE angle to last less than a month. 

Yes, I am serious!  Sure it was lame, awkward, disgusting and just plain stupid.  However, we are going to take a look back at the angle and then I will discuss why it is the best angle to last less than a month.

It pushed boundaries, it was unique (that's putting it nicely) and it was unforgettable.  Let's reflect on our Hero of Wrestling Past, Katie Vick.

 The setting was October 2002.  Eric Bischoff and Triple H were running the show, on Raw.  Triple H was World Heavyweight Champion and your Intercontinental Champion, fresh off a victory or Chris Jericho, was Kane.   

However, Kane wanted more than IC Gold.  He was thinking of playing The Game.  Triple H had to find a way of getting in the Big Red Monster's head.  So he dug up one of Kane's dirty little secrets:  Katie Vick.  

Who is Katie Vick?  She was a former girlfriend of Kane (I didn't know they let mental institution patients, date or drive cars.  Keep your story straight, WWE!).  

One night, according to Triple H, they were returning from a party (nothing says party like Kane!) and there was a terrible accident.  

The car crashed and Katie was killed,  Triple H accused Kane of being a murderer, since Kane was believed to have been intoxicated (don't drink and drive).  

This is where it started to get weird.  Seeing Katie's dead body apparently, according to Triple H (who would never tell a lie...EVER), Kane got that..."special" feeling.  Yep, they went there!  

Kane, allegedly, had sex with the dead body of Katie Vick.


When I first saw this, I was like "What the %#*&?!"  It gets worse!  Triple H, dressed as Kane, decided to head to a funeral home and have sex with a Katie Vick mannequin, in a coffin.

In one of the most disturbing moments in the history of anything, we watched a masked Triple H simulate necrophilia with a dummy.  Triple H would defeat Kane at No Mercy and eventually cause Kane to be unmasked.

So why is this the best WWE angle to last less than a month? Simple.  We will never forget it!  Sure it is called the worst, most offensive, disgusting angle in the history of pro wrestling.  However, we remember it!  

To this day, superstars will bring it up, just to burn Triple H or WWE, general.  Even the creator, Stephanie McMahon, acknowledges how bad it was.  

It would be just as easy to treat this angle like R-Truth's first stint in WWE or Chris Benoit and forget that it ever happened.  Nope!  They need to keep pouring gasoline on that fire.  

The last mention was by CM Punk in 2010.  As soon as he uttered the words "Katie Vick", every long-time fan laughed (or groaned), at the mention of this infamous angle.  Even Triple H, himself, will make fun of it.

Mae Young gave birth to a hand, Terri Runnels used D'Lo Brown as a slave, but Triple H simulated sex with a dead body.  This just leads me to wonder what is wrong with these people to write this stuff.  

I hope you enjoyed this very special Creature versus Creature edition of Heroes of Wrestling Past.  Wish me luck in getting the final spot in the competition!  

Please feel free to leave your memories or who you'd like to see in future installments of Heroes of Wrestling Past, in the comment section below!