Notre Dame-Pittsburgh Creates Tension on ESPN Set

Steve GormleyContributor IOctober 29, 2008

Is it just me, or are you more excited to watch Lou Holtz and Mark May duke it out this weekend on ESPN than to actually see the Notre Dame-Pitt football game?

Let me just get this off my chest: I hate Mark May. For the past four years (since the Ty Willingham firing) he's come out in the preseason and said how horrible Notre Dame will be.

"Notre Dame will be 1-10 this season." "Notre Dame will lose its first five games." "Notre Dame couldn't make a fart smell." You get the picture. But I digress.

Finally, after two years of getting his idiot face handed to him, last year his dream came true. He finally got to go to sleep at night with his giant "I Hate Notre Dame" T-shirt on and his smug "I Was Finally Right About the Irish" erection.

Then came 2008. Another d-bag prediction of a terrible Notre Dame team. So, here the Irish stand at 5-2 while May's alma mater was just blown out through the air last week against Rutgers.

Obviously, the Irish need to come out and do exactly what Rutgers did to Pitt last week. Establish the pass, get out to a lead, stop LeSean McCoy, and then, when the dust settles, rub it in May's smug face.

And who better to rub said face in the dirt than the biggest Notre Dame fan alive, Lou Holtz?

If ND gets out to a big lead, I will stop watching the game and flip over to ESPN to hopefully see Lou karate-chopping May in the neck and then standing over his comatose body, laughing that insane "WE ARE...ND" laugh.

Prediction: Notre Dame 31, Pitt 17.

Bonus Prediction: Lou Holtz's Put Downs Toward Mark May 310, Mark May Still Sitting There Like a Smug D-Bag 310.