WWE CvC 2.0: Zack Ryder Is the Best Superstar Yet to Hold a Secondary Title

Chinmay@@iTsChinmaySenior Analyst IIJune 27, 2011

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Subject: Best WWE Superstar Yet to Hold a Secondary Title

In WWE, titles are the ultimate prize that everybody fights for. Many legends have adorned their legacies with these prestigious belts, whereas some legacies remain bereft of the same aura.

The WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship have been the crowning jewel of many legacies. They have been the biggest prize in the world of sports entertainment. However, if these two have been the pinnacle, then secondary titles of WWE have been the pathways to the pinnacle.

As you all know, the Intercontinental Championship and United States Championship are two secondary belts of the WWE. Almost as if it’s a rule, the beginning of great careers have been marked by these titles. But as they say, rules have exceptions.

Some of the biggest stars in WWE history have never won secondary titles in their careers. Even presently, some of the most talented workers are yet to win a secondary title.

And, today, I am supposed to pick one such star and present his case.

I had a lot of choices. The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan and Batista, three of the biggest stars of all-time never won a secondary title in their career. Any one of them could have been a natural choice. Alberto Del Rio could have been a good choice, too.

But then I realized that titles and superstars are made for each other. I may dream of Angelina Jolie all I want, but ultimately the girl of my dreams and the girl in my life are bound to be two different stories.

Titles and superstars share a similar relationship. Some stars are simply made for bigger belts, whereas some stars need secondary belts to gain experience and to move up.

Based on the same logic, I chose to go against above four stars and selected to concentrate on the word, “Yet.” I decided to talk about a superstar that has legit chance to win a secondary title, who will benefit from the reign and a star who could be the future of WWE.

I asked myself, what does a new guy need to win the secondary title? What did guys like HBK, Bret Hart, Edge or Triple H have?

Answers started pouring in. It was charisma, wrestling ability, hard work, mic work and age on their side.

After zeroing down on the criteria, one name screamed itself in my ears. All the voices for Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, Jr. were muffled and the chants of, “We want Ryder,” filled up my mind.

Yes, I am going to present the case of Long Island native, Zack Ryder.

For some time now, the Internet Wrestling Community has been in love with the guy, and for once, for right reasons. There is something about the guy that has enamored smarks and the general audience at the same time.

He has undeniable charisma and fabulous mic skills. It is a travesty that he does not get enough time to showcase it on RAW. However,  Z! True Long Island Story is the true testimony to these talents of this young guy.

In each and every episode, he manages to make you laugh and keep your interest alive. His wit, charm and dialogue delivery is amazing as well. He succeeds in connecting with you and makes you at ease. This is a hallmark of a truly gifted performer.

Z! True Long Island Story also tells another tale—a tale of passion and drive. Unlike Triple H, Ryder has no HBK for backup. Unlike HBK, he has no divine talent. But similar to those two, he has the hunger to succeed.

When WWE denied him enough chances, he went on to create opportunities. With the help of these videos, he has garnered a cult following on the Internet. This is precisely what has worked in his favour, and the man himself, John Cena, has lent him his support.

In WWE, many times charisma, passion and mic skills, they alone take you to the top. Wrestling ability is often compromised if you have the flare. We can sight dozens of examples here, starting from Hogan.

Ryder, however, scores well here, too. He may not be as gifted as HBK or as perfect as Bret Hart, but he is talented. He has good in-ring psychology, a sense of time and ring chemistry. He has a good move set, which is credible.

Ryder has been regular fixture on WWE Superstars and has always put on entertaining matches. The point is simple and clear, Ryder is a nice wrestler.

To top all these positive points, he is still very young and has a lot of future ahead. He is 25 years old right now. If developed properly, he will be a big thing in coming years. All he needs is opportunity and a decent run with the secondary title to establish himself.

With age on his side and all the attributes we discussed, we can safely say that he is the "complete package." He has a little bit of everything and it reminds me of somebody, somebody whom we dearly miss.

It is Edge I am talking about.

Not only the fact that Ryder has played Edge’s dummy reminds me of Edge, but the cocky attitude, that smirk, reminds me of Edge, too.

Edge himself was not the god of some single art, but rather he was a master of all. Ryder today may not be master of some single art, but he surely is good at all.

I am not saying that Ryder is the next Edge, he can never be and he should never be. But the fact that he reminds us of one of the greatest stars of all-time and one of the greatest holders of secondary belts is good enough itself.

Therefore, I believe the best superstar to have not held the secondary belt in WWE is none other than Zack Ryder and WOO, WOO, WOO, you know it.