UFC Live 4: Matt Mitrione Is Brash, Arrogant, Confident and an Undeniable Talent

Todd SeylerContributor IJune 26, 2011

Matt Mitrione finishing his fight with a vicious assault
Matt Mitrione finishing his fight with a vicious assault

Entering the Consol Center to Lynard Skynyrd, Matt Mitrione was singing his entrance song without a care in the world.

As the first round begins, Mitrione is loose in his stand-up. Comfortably bouncing in his stance and delivering a wide variety of combinations, Mitrione was very composed at the on-set.

Moving well, feinting, delivering a variety of leg kicks and displaying an ego and confidence in his stand-up that says, “Nothing will defeat me,” Mitrione looked solid.

After delivering a straight left hand that momentarily dropped Morecraft, Mitrione just glared at his opponent without following up to finish the fight early in the first round.

Essentially wanting to continue with the assault on Morecraft, Mitrione prolongs this matchup with the apparently less talented Morecraft.

Continuing to push forward in the pocket, Mitrione picked apart Morecraft on their feet.

A patient and disciplined fighter, Mitrione displayed ring savvy most commonly associated with an Octagon veteran.

Toying with Christian Morecraft, Matt Mitrione appeared to be competing in a sparring competition.

Ultimately dropping Morecraft with a flurry of straight punches, Mitrione once again stood above his fallen opponent without any follow-up.

Taunting the downed Morecraft to get up, referee Mark Matheny stopped in to end the brutal assault on Morecraft awarding Mitrione a TKO victory at the 4:28 mark of Round 2.

Extremely confident in his abilities, Matt Mitrione has every right to be positive with his performance.

Commenting on his performance, Mitrione stated to Joe Rogan during his post-fight interview that, “I piss excellence.”

Excellent stand-up striking, tremendous patience, great take-down defense and a level of confidence necessary to be a champion, Mitrione’s performance was stellar.

Even though he has had only five professional fights, it is time for UFC matchmaker Joe Silva to match Mitrione up against a higher level heavyweight.

A fighter within the top 20 of the UFC heavyweight division should be in Mitrione’s future.

Travis “Hapa” Browne would be my first choice as competitor.

Both fighters possess excellent stand-up striking skills and are willing to stand and trade in the center of the Octagon. Additionally, both fighters ooze an air of confidence necessary to win within the UFC.

Keep an eye on this rising star within the UFC heavyweight division.

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