The Flock of Geese on Big 12 Football

Goosen's GeeseCorrespondent IOctober 29, 2008

The Flock of Geese consists of three college students from across the nation who have been friends since childhood.  Dave Campbell is a senior at the University of Southern California, Tyler Sloan is a senior at the University of Louisville, and Alex Coliacovo is a senior at NYU.

Dave C.: OK guys, I don't think it is any stretch of the truth to say that the Big 12 is the strongest conference in college football this year.  Agreed?

Tyler S.: Agreed.

Alex C.: I'm more of an Ivy League fan, but I can see how you would argue for the Big 12.

DC: With that being said, what do we think about what has happened to this point, and what will happen going forward the rest of the way?

AC: I don't think it's any secret that the Big 12 is the strongest conference. However, I do not see a Big 12 team making it to the National Championship this year simply because of the strength of competition and the Big 12 Championship game.

DC: I agree with the strength of competition within the conference, but the championship game?  I don't think so.  The best team in the North is Missouri, and they have shown this year that they can't hang with the best in their own conference.  What would make anything different in the Big 12 title game?

TS: Yeah, Missouri is done.  Sorry Chase, but your chase for the Heisman is over as well.  The Big 12 South is stacked, and the representative from the South will be a virtual lock to win the Big 12 outright.  Texas has to be the favorite for that.

AC: I'm not about to write off Texas Tech though.  They can put some serious points on the board.

TS: Oklahoma State was also putting some numbers up going into their game with Texas, and look at how that unfolded.  Plus, Oklahoma State has given up the fewest points per game in the Big 12.  Texas Tech doesn't have the defense to win a shootout with Texas.

AC: Wrong again, you Kentucky hillbilly.  Graham Harrell and Michael Crabtree are established players who have to have a game plan made around their abilities.  Oklahoma State doesn't have the kind of star power or players who possess that kind of game changing ability.

DC: Crabtree is projected as a top five pick if he comes out early.  Harrell is getting serious Heisman consideration, which he deserves.

TS: You guys are crazy.  No one can hold a candle to Texas in the Big 12.  I think the only thing Texas has to worry about is the fact that, like I said, they would be considered a lock to win the Big 12 Championship game.  A sleeper like Nebraska could come out of nowhere to win it only because Texas would be wrapped up in National Championship talk.

DC: Speaking of Nebraska, what are their chances of winning against Oklahoma this weekend in Norman?

TS: Not a chance in hell.

AC: Agreed.  Nebraska can't consistently score on offense or stop from being scored upon on defense.  That usually doesn't bode well for a team, especially when you are going into Norman to play Oklahoma (another team that could very well win the Big 12).

TS: See, why did you have to put that in parentheses?  Why don't you say how you feel without the safety net of parentheses?

AC: OK.  I still think that Oklahoma will win the Big 12.  They won't underestimate anyone the rest of the way on their schedule because they know that winning out is the only option for them.  That could present problems for Texas Tech and Oklahoma State later on.

DC: You said that you think Texas Tech could be the top team in the Big 12 though.

AC: I said they COULD beat Texas.  I didn't say they would for sure.  I also think Oklahoma is a better team then Texas despite the results of their previous matchup.

TS: So that means that Texas would have to lose two games out of their final four in order for Oklahoma to even be able to make the Big 12 title game?

DC: Yes.

TS: Too many things have to go right for Oklahoma to even get there.  It's not going to happen.

AC: You never know.  Anything could happen.

DC: Does that mean you think that Iowa State can make it?

AC: They have a better shot of crawling out of their division basement then Texas A&M.

TS: True.  I also still hate Colorado.  It looks like that team spent too much time under a parachute on April 20 in Boulder.  They are so slow and bad.

DC: Was that necessary?

TS: Absolutely.