WWE: Following Chavo Guerrero's Release, 5 Others Who Are Set to Follow

LewisAnalyst IIIJune 26, 2011

WWE: Following Chavo Guerrero's Release, 5 Others Who Are Set to Follow

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    As most of you know, Chavo Guerrero has been released from his contract with WWE, a release which was wanted by Chavo due to him feeling he was used in an improper way.

    I will list five others who may follow in his footsteps by leaving due to the way WWE choose to book their characters.

    Some of these wrestlers you may agree with, others you may disagree. Either way, leave a comment and we can have a discussion... 

Chris Masters

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    Since Chris Masters' return to WWE since 2009, he hasn't done anything noteworthy.

    Besides a recent push on WWE Superstars, Masters has been used like an veteran helping the less experienced wrestlers within WWE and I wouldn't be surprised like Chavo would ask for his release.

    Chris Masters was rumored to get a push at the 2010 Royal Rumble, but since then none of the so called "dirt sheets" and rumor sites have explained why it never happened, hell, it was probably a lie.

    Why WWE doesn't push him is crazy, He has the physique WWE loves and is a helluva lot better than Mason Ryan.

    Mark my words, sometime down the line Masters will ask for a release if his status isn't elevated. 

CM Punk

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    CM Punk confirmed the rumors of him leaving WWE last week on WWE Monday Night RAW and many believe his decision to leave WWE is due to his lack of main event programs (along with the schedule of WWE).

    CM Punk had a year-long WWE pay-per-view losing streak which began at Extreme Rules 2010 and ended at WWE Capitol Punishment, last Sunday.

    He had gone through SummerSlam, Survivor Series and WrestleMania without a win yet was involved in some upper-tier programs along the likes of Randy Orton.

    This is pretty much set in stone—the way CM Punk has been booked has ushered him into leaving WWE, similar to Chavo's mindset.   

Alberto Del Rio

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    Despite being rumored to have been a lock in winning the world title on three separate occasions, Alberto Del Rio is still yet to hold the top belt.

    Alberto Del Rio in FCW was thinking of leaving WWE due to being kept down in FCW for so long and pressured the higher-ups to promote him to the main roster.

    If WWE keep promising ADR to win the world title, but ultimately doesn't, his temper shown in FCW may rise again in prompting leaving WWE.

Daniel Bryan

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    I don't know much about Bryan's real-life character, but not many people can help but get frustrated when WWE doesn't allow you to perform at your best and I feel Daniel Bryan may be one of them.

    I can't see Daniel Bryan becoming a world champion in WWE, well, not anytime soon.

    He just doesn't fit the WWE mold and he just reminds me of the previous generation of stars who was constantly being in the mid-card scene whom fans wanted so much in the main event, (Matt Hardy, John Morrison, Christian, Shelton Benjamin, Carlito).

    Perhaps I may be wrong, but Daniel Bryan hasn't got the look of the typical WWE main-eventer and one thing is sometimes what hampers you from mid-card to main events, don't believe me? Check out the list:

    Shelton Benjamin (Mic skills were okay, in my opinion, but most felt he was quite bad.)

    John Morrison (Same as Shelton.)

    Carlito (was getting frustrated/angry at WWE misusing him).

    Christian (Vince McMahon was rumored to not see main event potential in Christian.)


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    For those who don't know, I'm a big fan of Primo.

    Partly because I'm a huge fan of his brother, Carlito, but I generally feel Primo has something to offer to WWE other than "jobber" status.

    I've heard him on the mic cutting an above-average promo and his in-ring skills are something fans rarely argue about as we know he can wrestle quite well.

    The only reason I predict him asking for his release like Chavo Guerrero is because he has job security. Perhaps not in WWE, but in WWC (World Wrestling Council), one of Puerto Rico's biggest wrestling promotions is run by Primo's father and can wrestle there if he is indeed released by WWE.

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