WWE: Congratulations to Kelly Kelly, the New Divas Champion

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIIJune 26, 2011

This past Monday on Monday Night RAW "Power to the People", the "people" voted for Kelly Kelly to compete for the Divas title.

In typical WWE fashion, they gave the Divas a little amount of air time to work with, thus providing a less than stellar match for the viewers.

But that was not the interesting part of the whole match, the end result was the interesting part because the challenger who the "people" voted for WON! 

Kelly Kelly won the Divas Championship!

Now this isn't shocking to say the least, as Kelly Kelly is currently the top diva in the division and has been pushed the most recently, so I won't complain here.

In fact, I'm congratulating her.

She has worked hard since her debut in ECW in 2006 to get to the top. Even if she was just a "tease" at first, she grew up throughout the years, evolving from an "exhibitionist" to a "Diva" who wrestled (although her wrestling skills could be questioned).

She improved her in-ring work and worked hard to get a chance to achieve her dream of winning the Divas championship.

Kelly Kelly actually worked to get to where she is. 

She didn't rely on her looks alone to get to the top.

She trained and trained, trying to fully achieve the definition of a Diva.

Kelly Kelly wanted to be "smart, sexy, and powerful."

After RAW ended on Monday, she was finally able to achieve that lifelong career goal.

She finally fulfilled her goal of becoming the Diva.

Congratulations, Kelly Kelly, you deserve it.

You have finally reached your career milestone. 

The title is yours to lose now.

From a little girl with a dream to a Diva, you put a storybook moment in your career by becoming the Divas champion.

You cried with emotion because your passion took you places.

It was an emotional victory for a well-deserving Diva.

Congratulations Kelly Kelly, you are the new definition of Diva.


You may finally defend a title that truly belongs to you.