Five Things I Will Do As New Head Coach of the Washington Huskies

Mike MartinCorrespondent IOctober 29, 2008

I am throwing my hat into the ring for the soon-to-be-vacant head football coaching position for the Washington Huskies. My football qualifications are on par with Barack Obama's as a presidential candidate, but this isn't about politics. This is about restoring Husky Pride. Husky Dominance.

Washington will, once again, be hot with Husky Fever!

I will be a James/Lambright/Neuheisel/Willingham hybrid. Taking their best attributes, I will:

  • Scheme like Don James
  • Get the most of of the players like Jim Lambright
  • Smile like Rick Neuheisel
  • Lead young men like Tyrone Willingham

I will find new ways to motivate the players. Here are a few ways that will help the Washington Huskies to rise again:

Purple Paw Pride Stickers

I will get the entire Husky Nation involved by having a contest to design new helmet stickers that will be awarded to the players and placed on their football helmets. Ohio State awards players "Leaf Stickers" on a point system based upon performance. Florida State does the same with Tomahawk emblems, Clemson has Paw stickers, Michigan has Wolverine decals. 

But there will be a twist to the Husky stickers. Whereas all the other teams have one type of stickers, Washington will have two: a Purple Paw and a Gold Paw. Five Purple Paws get traded in for a Gold Paw.

Recruit, Recruit, Recruit

I will not let players out of the State of Washington. The State of Washington doesn't produce the volume of football players that California, Texas, Florida, or even Ohio do, so the Huskies cannot afford to let a few guys slip away. How would the Dawgs be with these guys that slipped through?

  • Johnathan Stewart, Oregon (NFL)
  • Taylor Mayes, USC (many are projecting top 5 in the NFL draft)
  • Steve Schilling, Michigan (anchoring Wolverines' OL)
  • Anthony Felder (Cal's leading tackler this year)

Husky Tradition = Husky Pride

I will make sure that every single player on the team knows who they are following. Steve Emtman, Lawyer Milloy, Warren Moon, Chuck Nelson. Former players will be a part of my program. If you were an All-American, you never have to buy a ticket again...ever. You will also be invited to address the team just before the team heads down the tunnel.

Unleashing the Dawgs

As head coach I will make sure that second-half collapses are a thing of the past, or will occur on the opposing sideline. In 2007, the Washington Huskies had BCS talent, but WAC guts. That year, when the Huskies could have stepped on the other team's throats, they, instead, shot themselves in that very foot with turnovers, missed tackles and flawed halftime adjustments.

That will not happen under my command. When teams play the Huskies, they'll know they went to war.

Body and Gang Tackling

On defense, the Huskies will, once again, tackle. There will not be arm tackling or trying to knock guys off course. My players will:

  • Swarm to the ball
  • Wrap up the ball-carrier
  • Drive the ball-carrier back
  • Strip the ball
  • Drive the ball-carrier into the ground

They'll be hit harder than the other teams have been hit before. The Huskies will attack from all angles and from both sides of the ball. They won't wait to be hit, they'll find someone to hit.

Seek and destroy.

My Washington Huskies will win again.