The Ugliest Uniforms in Sports History

Adam Dietz@dietztrainCorrespondent IJune 24, 2011

The Ugliest Uniforms in Sports History

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    While athletes are not necessarily supposed to be the most handsome or well dressed men in the world, their notoriety and frequent public appearances have them under a microscope when it comes to all parts of their lives, and fashion is no exception.

    The following uniforms are some of more unfortunate threads that athletes have had to don throughout the last 50 years. While looking at some of these uniforms, you may find yourself asking, Who thought this was a good idea? Or even simpler, Why? Chalk some of these up to the trends of the times and others to plain poor decision making.

1970's Pittsburgh Pirates

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    Not surprisingly, the Pirates 1970's uniform happened to crack the list. The colors are bad, but not terrible. What is terrible is the bucket shaped hat they were forced to wear. Never has a hat resembled that shape before or since. The city of Pittsburgh is still trying to recover from this monstrosity of an outfit. The 1970's must have been some wild times!

The 1990's Toronto Raptors

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    This uniform is so ugly that it's comical. The color is quite hideous, but is not to be outdone by the cartoonist raptor on the front, a raptor that is wearing a jersey that is much better looking than the uniform he is on. One thing is certain, that raptor is being very careless with the ball that he's dribbling. An opponent could easily steal the ball from him. Poor fundamentals, and a poor choice of wardrobe.

1970's and 1980's Houston Astros

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    While Nolan Ryan may be one of the greatest pitchers in the history of baseball, these uniforms are surely some of the worst. From the numbers on the crotch region of the pants to the tops that look like The Shell gasoline logo, these are truly a sore to the eye.

2000's Cleveland Browns

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    I have never been sure why more sports fans don't mention how hideous the Cleveland Browns uniforms are these days. I understand with their name being "The Browns" that they don't have a tremendous amount of options as far as attractive color schemes, but the combination of orange, white and brown is really awful. They look like something that you may have played in as a child on a summer day and then forgotten to wash. It's really no wonder the Browns struggle to win games, I would imagine team morale is quite low with outfits like these.

1990's Vancouver Grizzlies

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    I am about 90 percent sure that the Grizzlies did not leave Vancouver because of poor attendance or a lack of interest from the Canadians, but were instead chased out of town for sporting such horrendous uniforms. Teal is always a poor choice for sports uniforms (see also the Detroit Pistons of the early 2000's), and the block lettering looks tacky and like something that might have been done at the local print shop.

1970's Chicago White Sox

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    If Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own didn't want crying in baseball, then you can pretty much guarantee that he would have hated the idea of ballplayers wearing shorts. Not only are these uniforms impractical; they just look plain silly. They look more like a very comfortable set of pajamas than anything else. Surely, this is one venture they had to know would fail.

2000's Seattle Seahawks

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    I think that Seattle is trying to make up for the fact that they have the most boring team in the world by coming up the wildest uniforms imaginable. Lime green just doesn't work unless you're trying to hide grass stains, and maybe that's what they intended to do. Judging from the picture above, the players seem to have taken a liking to this "new age" look.