Maradona To Teach Messi?

Baris GercekerCorrespondent IOctober 28, 2008

The rumours hit the news today that Diego Armando Maradona will be unveiled the new coach for Argentina national team. That really rose my eyebrow; are you serious?

Even this very site, the Bleacher Report asks "Pele or Maradona" in our profile page. These two are considered the best football players ever to touch this earth and the leather-ball. Of course many names are still added beside these two but, whatever. They definitely lead the discussion.

One may say Pele was too young, he won competitions at his very young age. Another may say Maradona survived in the top level, in Europe and even carried a mediocre team on his shoulders, the mighty Napoli. But no one would argue much that Maradona was the man of controversies while Pele remained the good behaving cute boy of the family.

Pele does not get involved in controversies other than making general comments upon modern football and sometimes putting himself in some ridiculous positions when commenting after a player. Maradona meanwhile is arrested for drug usage. Deeper than and in contrast to their skin colors, they are definitely black and white.

Maradona, despite being a role-model when you consider the talents, is the kind of guy you want to avoid for your kids. He is not well behaving on the pitch, and his personal life off the pitch is again not the one to follow. Used doping, cocaine addiction etc.

And his manager career is not a thick one either. He has not managed any reputable clubs, nor achieved any successes in those minor clubs. And now he is taking control of one of the most reputable national teams (7th on FIFA ranking) on earth? Really bold decision.

The goal that he scored on the 1986 World Cup against is still widely known as the "Hand of God" even among kids of today. His second goal in that game was the goal that was compared to the one Messi scored last year, after dribbling 60 meters. And lately Messi's national team mate Agüero is dating Maradona's daughter so there is a decent rivalry among the two Latin Americans and Maradona taking control of the national team may cause further rumours.

I do not consider football a game which is totally clean, hygienic or sterile. Players on and off the pitch are human beings, whose performances vastly depend on their bodies which are ruled by hormones, such as adrenalin, testosterone. These make a man angry, aggressive etc. The fame and fortune really takes you somewhere else. So an ordinary football player can not be expected to be decent, class gentleman. Of course there are exceptions.

But are being an idol for many and being extremely talented enough to lead a top-class national team like Argentina? Will Maradona be able to squeeze in tactical tunings, along with picking up the best players and treating them decently, as well as not getting controversial with his players, press, AFA or even UEFA and FIFA. All those bear a huge question mark in my head.