Parcells 'Phins Are The Chicken Of Fanta-Sea

Matt McFaddenContributor IOctober 28, 2008

In case you haven't noticed the Miami Dolphins actually have some viable fantasy players, despite being in last place.

Yes, the same Miami Dolphins who finished 1-15 last year, and landed a staple in Jake Long for there offensive line for years to come. Jake Long is a 315 pound reason the Dolphins are getting hooked on the waiver wire.

The young Dolphins are being lead by a guy ran out of New York by a struggling Brett Favre, looks like a 12-year old, and probably has the arm strength of a 12-year old. But Chad Pennington is flat out getting it done in South Beach.

Yeah, he has only thrown for seven touchdowns this season... so what?

CP10 has thrown for over 220 yards in every game this season except for week two vs. Arizona (112). In fantasy terms, Pennington has been more reliable than the age-less wonder Brett Favre, who has only thrown for over 200 yards, three times this season, and one time was against the Cardinals in week four, whose secondary was playing like they flew in from China rather than just the west coast.

Pennington has been the definition of reliable this season.

Quickly becoming Pennington's favorite target, Ted Ginn Jr. has also developed into a viable fantasy wide receiver, posting unthinkable numbers in week 8 with 176 receiving yards--is nearly half of Ginn's total for the season 352 yards.

Ginn has still yet to score a touchdown this season, but with this break out game this could put Ginn on the (maker's) mark to becoming a huge fantasy player in weeks to come with the Dolphins playing Den, Sea and Oak the next three.

Lining up on the opposite side of Ginn is Greg Camarillo, he has been consistent all year and pretty valuable in PPR leagues. Camarillo is averaging 54 yards per game, to go along with 5.4 receptions per game.

Camarillo has more value in PPR leagues, but, nonetheless, if he can find the end zone he is valuable in all formats.

Everyone knows about Ronnie Brown, the "wild" cat is out of the bag on this guy. He is a sure fire thing all most every week. Although he has sputtered the last two weeks, I would look for Brown to have a huge week against Denver.

One of the reasons Brown has not been as productive this season is because of Ricky Williams, stealing carries, and more importantly goaline carries (last week vs. Buf). Williams is the player with the least amount of fantasy value on this list, but Williams may have the most upside.

Ronnie Brown is not the most durable back by any means having just torn his knee up last year in week seven. Williams will not steal the job though; his carries are slowly diminishing each week, but with fragile Brown who could go down at any moment Williams could be thrust into the starting line up, and his value would be as high as a kite.

What it all comes down to is these players need to monitored and possibly picked up, maybe as bye week replacements, injury replacements, or in keeper leagues (Ginn). I am even thinking about changing my fantasy team name to the "Fantasy 'Phins."