ECW Recap 10/28/08 Or Slowing Things Down

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IOctober 28, 2008

ECW wraps up another episode and it's time to see what went right and what went wrong.

We open the show with Teddy Long dressed as Ron Burgundy announcing the events for the evening.  I understand that it's Sci-Fi's 31 Days of Halloween promotion, but is Ron Burgundy relevant anymore?  And why would you stop having Tiffany dress up?  She pulled off this promotion a lot better.

The opening match sees Evan Bourne, Matt Hardy and Finlay versus Chavo Guerrero, Bam Neely, and Mark Henry.  I don't understand what's taking so long for Neely to turn on Chavo.  This story progressed too fast with no pay off.  No one is going to care when it happens if they don't do it soon.

Bourne was highlighted throughout the entire match.  The WWE realizes how popular he really is now that he was voted in for the match at Cyber Sunday.  Hopefully, he won't be needlessly buried soon and be allowed to grow.

Chavo had great chemistry with both Bourne and Hardy in the match.  He's someone that should really be main eventing.  He has the ability to put on the best matches of the night.

There was a terrible spot during this match that didn't make any sense to me.  After everyone was coming in and hitting all of there signature moves, Hornswoggle comes in and bites Mark Henry on the leg.  Why didn't the referee call for the bell?  I thought that Vince told the referees to start calling logical spots like disqualifications or count outs to make the product look more real.  Even as a comedy spot, this was a bad idea.  it should have happened with the referees back turned.

The end sees Chavo hitting the frog splash on Hardy for the win.  I think this was a great idea as it now elevates Chavo into the main event picture.  At least it should.  Creative has been making the wrong moves when it comes to natural storyline progression recently.

Backstage, we get Lena Yada interviewing Tommy Dreamer about his up coming match with Jack Swagger.  It came off very well and really pushed the anger that Dreamer has.

Tommy Dreamer versus Jack Swagger is up next.  Surprisingly enough, this match really didn't go well.  Both men did good but there was such a style clash between the two that it came off strange.  The fans didn't seem to get behind it until the very end.

It was great to see Swagger fight a known wrestler this week.  The end came off very well as Dreamer fought off the Gut Wrench Suplex and it took Swagger a few tries to get it up.  The move looked a little off, but the set up was good.

The main event sees The Miz and Morrison doing the Dirt Sheet.  I don't think that a show that only lasts an hour should end with a talk show segment.  This effectively pushed the match between Miz and Morrison versus D-Generation X for next Monday.  No new information was used and it came off as kind of boring.

If anything, this segment really showed who's pushing this story along.  I can almost guarantee that Triple H isn't going to make reference to Miz and Morrison on Friday.  I can almost guarantee that DX will win the match on Monday as well.  So all of this is starting to come off as pointless.

Overall, this wasn't a good show.  They had one good match, one forgettable match, and than a promotion for a match that ECW isn't even going to have.  They were really good with their time management on this show for a few weeks, but recently they've been making some strange decisions.  They need to understand that they only have an hour to highlight all of their talent. My Rating: C+