Formula One U.S. Grand Prix Suffers From Parochial Texans in Austin

Barry RosenbergContributor IIJune 24, 2011


There can be only one explanation for the objections of taxpayers against a Formula One race in Austin, Texas: ignorance about what the presence of the top flight can mean to the capital city of Texas.

Cities, countries, and all the municipalities in between throughout the world beg, plead, and pay to have the Formula One circus hold an event on their turf. These locales know that F1 brings with it fame, fortune, prestige and pleasure, but the American general public is just too parochial.

Average Americans believe that NASCAR and the Indianapolis 500 are motor racing's ultimate challenges.

Not so, Texans. Remember the Alamo!

The royal family of Monaco happily participates in the festivities of that city state's famous fabulous, venerable Formula One Grand Prix.

Dignitaries in Japan, China, England, Spain, most every civilized nation in the world show up to present trophies and shake hands with drivers.

They are not likely to be motor racing fans, but they sure do enjoy the massive influx of international people and world-wide attention that F1 brings to their nations and attractions.

The narrow minded, tunnel visioned people of Austin, Texas are fighting against the exciting prospect of a United States Grand Prix in their city because their tax dollars will go to support the event.

They have overlooked the hundreds of millions of dollars that will enter their municipality with the wave of fans who will need food, accommodation, and entertainment.

They will shop. They will purchase souvenirs, garments, beverages. They will take taxis, they will visit cultural sites, and they will pay taxes on every purchase, every service, and support thousands of working Texans everywhere.

Get over it, Texans. The United States Grand Prix will be the best thing to happen to Austin since oil was struck.  Television coverage reaches out to the whole world, giving a view of your city to potential future residents, professionals, and corporations the world over.

Get behind the courageous promoters who have been working for years to make this dream event a reality. You'll regret it if you don't.