Boston Celtics-Cleveland Cavaliers: A Live Blog Of The Season Opener

Thomas H.Correspondent IOctober 28, 2008

I really wanted to do a live blog, and what game is better than the Reigning NBA Champion Boston Celtics versus a Cleveland Cavaliers team that was knocked out of the playoffs by these guys? This game is going to be a pretty one. Please excuse me if my analysis comes off a bit bias and I seem to root for Boston.

8:01  The game is coming. Don't you love how big stations play a pump up songs and then show big plays by the opposing players? It gets you excited!

First Quarter

8:07 Tip off, the season has begun. Cavs Ball.

8:07 Is Delonte West supposed to look like a leprechaun? CC 2-0

8:09 Celtics have 2 straight DUNKS. Ouch. 4-4

8:11 Man, Cavaliers know how to pass! CC 8-4

8:14 The Celtics are getting blocked, stolen from and just don't know what to do with the ball! CC 12-4

8:18 You see that KG commercial of his quotes? NBa 

8:24 If Ilgauskas can hit down KG, he scares me.... a lot. CC 20-11

8:27 Most intense player in the NBA (other than Garnett)? Mr. Leon Powe, who just got himself a shot + foul and then yelled at the top of his lungs. CC 22-13

8:32 Once again, Leon Powe put up a rebound with intensity! Even the announcer agrees with me, calling him 'relentless'. CC 22-18

8:35 The first quarter is done, and the Cavaliers have impressed us all. Delonte West is playing like someone who is ready to be a solid starter. LeBron has been himself, and Paul Peirce already has 11 points!

                   After 1st Quarter

Cleveland: 28            Boston: 22

8:39 As I watch Mike Brown, Cavs Coach being interviewed I get to thinking. This guy has always played with a star in LeBron James. Once he leaves Cleveland, will anyone else take him?

8:41 Crowd is ready to explode... and the Celtics miss 2 straight shots. CC 28-24

8:43 What is worse, TBS baseball coverage or TNT basketball coverage? I would have to say TBS baseball...  CC 31-26

8:45 Hey Glenn Davis, HOLD THE BALL! CC 32-28

8:47 Cleveland's Gibson has the Batman symbol in his hair. Dude, you aren't a rookie anymore, stop reading comics! CC 36-28

8:51 Celtics offense can't score when the crowd really wants it. CC 37-28

8:53 Whoa, the Cavaliers sub faster than you can say 'This is getting ugly..' CC 41-30 

8:57 I had never heard of Mo Williams before his trade to Cleveland. Yeah, Milwaukee has that affect on players. CC 41-34

8:59 I am happy for Paul Pierce that he could lose ten pounds, but I can't see them! CC 42-35

9:00 Oh! Perkins and Ilgauskas are exchanging some words. That makes that low match up a little more interesting for me. CC 42-35

9:07 Oh Pierce, My Pierce. He definitely remembers how to shoot. CC 44-38

9:11 First half is finished, Cavaliers are looking sharp. Pierce has been looking strong, but other then him the ball hasn't been controlled very well by Boston. Varejo and Delonte West have both found their groove in this game, and I don't see how the Cavs won't win this!

           After First Half

Cleveland: 50    Boston: 43

9:33 Nice start to second half for Celtics, big three from Paul. CC 50-46

9:35 What kind of Gatorade are those Celtics drinking? They are rolling back! CC 52-51

9:38 Don't you just love NBA commercials, with that slow piano solo and emotional pictures!

9:39 Its funny, Rondo is a small player yet he squeezes past 7 foot Lithuanians. BC 53-52, for the first lead of the night!

9:42 You hate to see a referee switch a foul. I mean, look how many people have to seem him as gets a embarrassed. Anyways, Pierce gets both free throw shots and are on a 9-0 run. BC 55-52

9:47 I can tell this one is going down to the line as Powe puts it in for a Boston 2. BC 59-57

9:47 Its tricky to say how LeBron James will end this game. He has 12 points, but he also has three fouls. Will he even make it through the whole game?

9:50 Perkins gets a lot of fouls, as he already has this game. NBA fans, don't be surprised if Leon Powe gets a lot of playing minutes this year. 

9:51 LeBron is starting to heat up... CC 63-59

9:55 Pierce got another 3, then a jump shot right after He has 24 points in the third, and is looking three times as dominant than LeBron. BC 64-63

9:57 Worst part of basketball? Sitting, watching the time between free throws and listening to the announcers talk about nothing. BC 66-63

10:00 As the hour hits, the little boys of New England are told by the mothers to go to bed. They demand to wait until the next commercial. BC 67-63

10:01 The third quarter has ended, and the Celtics have taken a lead thanks to a strong performance by Captain Paul Pierce. Meanwhile, LeBron James started looking good but was quieted by his foul count and Celtics defense.

           After 3rd Quarter

Boston:67     Cleveland:63

10:08 OK, I have no clue whats going on but everyone is yelling and people are getting technicals. BC 67-65

10:09 Pierce.Is.God.  BC 69-65

10:10 Tony Allen is falling.... no way can he make it.... no way.... WOW! BC 72-66. This thing is opening up.

10:12 Oh Tony. He clearly wanted the 6th man position. BC 74-68

10:13 WHAT WAS I SAYING! WHAT WAS I? LEON POWE DUNKS, YELLS, THE CROWD ERUPTS! He is INTENSE!!!! Meanwhile, Cavaliers aren't covering their man and are letting the scoreboard go wild. BC 76-68

10:19 Varejo has been a very affective player, big on rebounds and in-the-paint points. BC 76-70

10:21 Not much time left, the Cavs have to use these 6 minutes well. BC 78-72

10:23 Varejo is a beast! BC 78-72

10:25 What is this, a 5 minute NBA LIVE 09 commercial? I'm watching basketball, in Playstation graphics.

10:27 Lead is closed to 4, and the Cavaliers have the ball again. BC 78-74

10:28 That was the moment of the game. After the turnover, Rondo steals the ball and gets the foul, changing the whole pace of this game. BC 80-74

10:29 Rondo has a easy lay up, and gives it up with a stupid trick. Oh my, what a rookie mistake by the second year player. BC 80-76

10:30 I think Ilgauskas just walked over Perkins, missed, and was put down for a foul... BC 82-78

10:32 Perkins gets his sixth foul, Leon Powe is back in.

10:32 22 fouls for the Cavaliers! BC 82-78

10:37 Huge dunk for LEBRON!!!! The whole moment has changed! THIS GAME IS NOT OVER! Garnett just got 2 back, but two minutes are still left. BC 85-80

10:38 Ilgauskas called for foul, Celtics go to line. That one was very costly. BC 86-80

10:39 Cavaliers for 3! 1:10 left, down 3. BC 86-83

10:40 Cavaliers get ball back with 45 ticks, but James can't put it in! The Celtics get it back. BC 86-83. Timeout by Boston.

10:42 27 seconds left, the Celtics have 12 ticks on their clock. They use all 12 seconds, but miss the shot. Cavaliers ball. BC 86-83

10:45 15 seconds left, and the Cavs have it. LeBron goes for the layup but is fouled. With 10 seconds left, he misses one of the two. BC 86-84


10:48 :LeBron is back on the line, misses another of the two and looks as his team loses. 88-85. One more foul on Ray Allen.


Boston: 90         Cleveland: 85

MVP for me: Leon Powe

This has been a lot of fun for me, thanks so much for reading.