UFC 132: Dominick Cruz Talks About His Bantamweight Fight with Urijah Faber

JP SmithCorrespondent IIJune 22, 2011

In a UFC media call earlier today, we heard from bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz as he prepares for his upcoming title defense against former champion, current No. 1 contender and all-around fan favorite, Urijah Faber.

Bleacher Report will take a look at some of the quotes given by Cruz in response to questions from various media outlets.

UFC 132
: Dominick Cruz is “Not Fond of Urijah Faber”

Q: Do you fight any differently when you dislike your opponent?

A: “I do a pretty good job at not making it emotional in my brain. While I’m not too fond of Faber, at the same time, once I get into a fight, I fight just as hard as [with] somebody that I don’t like as [with] someone I have no problem with.”

UFC 132: Dominick Cruz Not Making Any Promises

Q: Will you be friends after the fight?

A: “We’ll see how the fight goes…I’m just going to take it in stride. It is what it is.

”UFC 132: Dominick Cruz is a Completely Different Fighter

Q: What will be the difference between the Cruz who fought Faber before and the Cruz who will fight him at UFC 132?

A: You can look at my fights and see a big difference in every fight since I fought him; jits, ground game, wrestling, my body has changed, you name it. It’s been four years, you know. Everything has different in this fight.

“He’ll be fighting a completely different person.”

UFC 132: Dominick Cruz is Excited to be Headlining UFC 132

Q: How does it feel to be a 135 lb fighter and headlining a PPV UFC event?

A: “The division has exploded. It means a lot to be able to represent the weight class.”

“I’m cutting a lot of weight. It’s a lot harder to make the weight. It’s almost the sacrifice [of cutting weight] that gets me into fight mode. I feel that’s why 135 is such a good weight for me.”