CvC 2.0: Sara Del Rey Is the Best Female Wrestler on the Indy Circuit Today

Charlie GSenior Writer IJune 28, 2011

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Best Female Wrestler on the Independent Circuit Today

After doing some research I took note of several female wrestlers currently bouncing around the Independent scene.

Women like Roxxi, Hamada, Cheerleader Melissa, Daffney, Serena Debb and MsChif. 

The woman I am choosing to write about is Sara Del Rey.

Sara Del Rey is 5'9" and 150 lbs. She is a big name among Indy fans and has won multiple championships. Del Rey was trained by Donovan Morgan, Pro Wrestling IRON Dojo, Antonio Inoki and current WWE star Daniel Bryan.

Sara Del Rey mainly wrestles for SHIMMER Women Athletics and Lucha Libre Femenil. She bounced around some other organizations such as Ring of Honor, All Pro Wrestling and CHIKARA.

Del Rey was the first ever female SHIMMER Champion and the first ever JAP Women's Division Champion.

Some of Sara Del Rey's accomplishments are as follows:

  • One time and current Canadian Wrestling Revolution Champion
  • One time Impact Zone Wrestling Women's Champion 
  • One time and current Jersey All Pro Wrestling Champion
  • One time and current Ohio Championship Wrestling Women's Champion
  • Intergender ROH Tag Team Champion
  • One time Shimmer Champion

In 2008, Del Rey was ranked the sixth best female wrestler by Pro Wrestling Illustrated. 

Del Rey is nicknamed "The Queen of Wrestling" with good reason.

She is a tremendous in-ring talent and only needs a good place to stay where she can prove her talents on national TV.

That does it for me. Still not sold on "The Queen of Wrestling," Sara Del Rey? I'll give her this time to try to further convince you. 

Please watch this video. Have you ever seen a German suplex Awesome Kong?

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