Favorite College Football Offseason Alternatives

Tim CroleySenior Analyst IJanuary 24, 2008

As the college football offseason is now well under way, I’d like to offer some alternatives to the hibernation many fans might take.

These are some of my favorites and hopefully they can become yours as well:

1. Religiously follow the recruiting until Signing Day.

2. Play another season, or five, on NCAA ‘08.

3. Whine about how long the MLB season is and constantly exclaim, "Oh no, not another steroid scandal! 

4. Go fishing with friends and discuss how your rivals have been cheating to recruit and get players academically eligible.

5. Watch March Madness and think of the possibilities that would come with a college football playoff. 

6. Lose money because, after all, it is "March Madness."

7. Pretend to be interested in the NBA playoffs. 

8. Watch the first period of the Stanley Cup only to realize it’s all a waste because you can't recognize, or even pronounce any of the names.

9. Watch the NFL draft to see where "your" players went, rather than to see how well the NFL teams actually did. 

10. Watch the Homerun Derby—the one highlight of the MLB season (besides the day it ends).

11. Do some more fishing and talk of how "this is gonna be the year!" 

12. Go on vacation for a week only to return home and realize that absolutely nothing significant in the world of sports took place while you were gone.

13. Purchase your new lucky gear and game tickets. 

14. Pre-schedule your entire fall around the games.

15. Begin the countdown. 

16. Watch pre-season NFL to get into football mode.

17. Dust off your old high school football uniform and wonder "what if?" 

18. Watch old high school game films.

19. Watch college game film classics.