B/R Creature vs Creature 2.0: The Seeds, Divisions and Final Participants

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIJune 22, 2011

B/R Creature vs Creature 2.0: The Seeds, Divisions and Final Participants

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    And welcome to the brand new competition which I call Creature vs Creature 2.0.

    This is a tournament style competition, single elimination rules.

    There are 34 participants and four divisions.

    The seeds will be based on medals, comments (received and given), articles, reads, tags and seniority.

    However, before I get to that, I am going to lay down some ground rules. So, look at every slide of the article, read the rules and then we'll get to who you'll face and the topic you'll be given. Not to mention, you'll see your seed and division. Make sure to play close attention to the division you're in. As it will tell you what day to post.

    The competition will start next Monday, good luck to everyone.

    Here are the participants:

    • Joe Burgett
    • Kevin Stonebarger
    • Rize
    • Charlie Groenewegon
    • Chinmay
    • Muzzy Daud
    • Roxas Tillster
    • Alex Baker
    • Will J Baker
    • Ben Gartland
    • Nate Scaccia
    • Tim Nguyen
    • Hamster Fan
    • Dan Power
    • Ryan Frye
    • Ian Malone
    • Tyson Jones
    • Jon Sainz
    • Daniel Massey
    • Jacob Waring
    • Jeff Awesome
    • ReDevil
    • David Conrad
    • Sam Masad
    • Bryan Flory
    • Jamal Parker
    • C-Cool
    • Lewis
    • Tom Clark
    • John Nicolaides
    • TC Vreeland
    • Robert Aitken
    • C.I.M
    • Iam D Real Deal Yo


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    OK, the voting is pretty simple. I have altered it some, so that it can be made far more clear for everyone involved.

    You will NOT be able to vote on your specific matchup. So, say I take on Rize for instance. I cannot vote for me or him, nor can he. But we each could vote on all of the other matchups. See what I mean?

    Every Friday, I will post an article with all of the participants and who they faced off against.

    You'll vote for every matchup.

    You'll have until Sunday at 12 a.m. Central American time to vote.

    Every article, I'll probably make into a slide show.

    It'll have every matchup, so you'll know which one is which.

    I'll ask that you send excerpts of the best part of your article to me every Friday, so I can post it with the article. This way, people will get an idea or remember who they liked best and who they want to vote for.

    It'll also make sure that if they didn't see it, they'll look just to make sure they pick the right person


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    Every article, at the beginning of it. You will write the division you are in and who you are facing. This as well as your topic. I know it's already at the top in the title, but do it anyway. This is for a reason.

    Here is an example.

    Division 1:
    Joe Burgett vs Rize
    Best WWE Announcer ever

    Pretty simple right?

    Also, because divisions will post on the same day, you also need to post a link to your competition's article at the end of your article.

    So, I'd say something like

    "Look at Rize's competition piece here"

    But of course, you'd link to the article itself and not the profile page of your competition.

    Also, in the title. You'll need to post this:

    CvC 2.0:(Title of the article)

    You need to make sure to do this so we can know it's a competition article. Without this, you'll automatically won't have this article counted and forfeit your match up. I don't want that, so be sure you put that in the title.

New Unique Rules to This Competition

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    New Rule #1:

    "No hitting below the belt"

    Many times in these types of competitions, we see this happening a lot. But what is it you ask?

    Hitting below the belt in this competition is basically just writing an article after your opponent does and talking about everything in the article that you disagree with.

    Sort of like this:

    "Rize thinks Lilian Garcia is the best WWE Announcer ever. And he thinks she's hot and is an overall great announcer. She is obviously not any of these things. She's barely good enough to be in WWE, and they only kept her because she was the only announcer who could sing and somewhat announce a name." Then you finally get to your point.

    I don't care to know what they wrote about. You should only convince me of your pick, and not down theirs. So, I'd do this:

    "To me, Howard Finkel is the best overall WWE Announcer of all time. He was there for every Wrestlemania since day one, and even before that he as a WWE fixture. He is a Hall of Famer, and rightfully so. Howard Finkel is a legend in the WWE just as much as the Rock and Stone Cold."

    See what I mean? Talk about your pick only. Do not hit below the belt. If you do, I'll eliminate you and push on the other guy/girl.

    Very simple rule to follow people.

    New Rule #2:

    "Don't kill the fish!"

    Now what does this one mean is what many are wondering.

    Some people write way too much in an article, over 5000 words I've seen. This makes most people bored and can really kill any buzz you have going in. So, keep all articles around 2000 to 3000 words or under, this isn't too hard, believe me. You can use a ton of different software to count the words you use. Like Microsoft Word, Word Processor, Notebook, etc.

    New Rule #3:

    "One Shot"

    This is a Tournament where you'll get one shot to prove yourself each week. You'll be writing only one article per week. It'll go by Rounds in each week. This is the first tournament to ever have a once a week match up in the history of B/R.

    New Rule #4:

    "Planting Seeds"

    This competition is a tournament, so obviously there is a need for seeds. Since we have 34 people, there will be an odd number of people per division. But there are 4 divisions meaning four #1 seeds. Now, some may be upset about their ranking. But all you have to do is prove how good you are and you're good. Seeding will however, be key in the competition.

    By the way, this isn't a rule, but it's something to know. I will not be picking any of my topics or seeding. That is done by Jacob Waring, and if he and I were to face off, a third party would pick for us

Divison Time, First Up, Red Division

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    The red division is the most populated division, with 12. They will be the one's writing every Wednesday. This is arguably the hardest division to get out of.

    Here are the people for that very division:

    #1: Rize

    #2 Dan Power

    #3 Ryan Frye

    #4 Ian Malone

    #5 C.I.M

    #6 Tyson Jones

    #7 Daniel Massey

    #8 Ben Gartland

    #9 Kevin Stonebarger

    #10 Tim Nguyen

    #11 Roxas Tillster

    #12 Alex Baker

    Here are the match-ups for this division:

    Rize/Alex Baker-
    topic: Greatest jobber in WWE history

    Dan Power/Roxas Tillster-
    topic: Best TNA Performer who spent less than a year with company

    Ryan Frye/Tim Nguyen-
    topic: Whose the Real First WWE Diva: Sable or Sunny?

    Ian Malone/Kevin Stonebarger-
    topic: Best Rivalry in WWE today

    Ben Gartland/C.I.M-
    topic: Best Female Storyline in TNA History

    Tyson Jones/Daniel Massey
    topic: Worst WWE Champion in history

    good luck red!

Blue Division

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    This division has 10 participants, and they are known as the Blue Division. They will post every Tuesday. Here they are:

    #1 Joe Burgett

    #2 Bryan Flory

    #3 Robert Aitken

    #4 Lewis

    #5 C-CooL

    #6 Jon Sainz

    #7 Charlie Groenewegon

    #8 Jeff Awesome

    #9 Will J Baker

    #10 ReDevil

    Here are the match ups for this division:

    Joe Burgett/ReDevil-
    topic: Worst WWE Talk Show in Historu

    Bryan Flory/Will J Baker-
    topic: Top WCW World Heavyweight Champion(has to be WCW names at the time, no WWE one's)

    Robert Aitken/Jeff Awesome-
    topic: Best Band in WWE History(This means best bands who were on PPV tracks, entrance music, etc)

    Lewis/Charlie Groenewegon
    topic: Best Female Wrestler on the Independent Circuit today

    C-CooL/Jon Sainz
    topic: Best Major Mexican Promotion

    Good luck everybody!

Black Division

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    The Black Division has old favorites and new hot names, but it has 6 participants and was one hard one for me to put together. They will post every Monday. Here are the participants:

    #1 Chinmay

    #2 Iam D Real Deal Yo

    #3 Jacob Waring

     #4John Nicolaides

    #5 Nate Scaccia

    #6 Sam Masad

    Here are the match ups for this division:

    Chimney/Sam Masad-
    topic: Best WWE Superstar yet to hold a Secondary Title

    Deal Yo/Nate Scaccia-
    topic: Best TNA Match Type of all time

    Jacob Waring/John Nicolaides-
    topic: Worst Intercontinental Champion of all time

White Division

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    This is the White Division, they will post every Thursday. Here are the participants for this division:

    #1 Hamster Fan

    #2 Tom Clark

    #3 TC Vreeland

    #4 Muzzy Daud

    #5 David Conrad

    #6 Jamal Parker

    Here are the match ups:

    Hamster Fan/Jamal Parker-
    topic: Best US Champion in the title's history

    Tom Clark/David Conrad-
    topic: Worst Mic Worker in the Attitude Era(1992-2000)

    TC Vreeland/Muzzy Daud-
    topic: Best gimmick in WWE history not named Undertaker

    Good luck White!

Special Add

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    A surprise to the competition. Like many tournaments there are play in games.

    Some will def want in, but if the competition is closed for participants, how can they come in, right?

    Well, a special exception will be made.

    For those who want to come on, you may be able to.

    We will have up to 4 play in games. Meaning 8 people can be involved in the play ins.

    These play ins will be done on Friday and Saturday of this week. I'll PM you what the topic will be, and you won't know who your opponent is until the day of.

    The 4 people who get in will be put into a division to bulk it up.

    So, if you're interested, you can PM me or leave a comment below telling me you want in.

    If you aren't sure about the rules, let me know and I will explain them in more detail.

    Good luck