Ohio State Football: Potential Recruiting Violation?

Oscar PSenior Analyst IJanuary 24, 2008

Much of the information in this article was gathered from University of Michigan websites. So take that for what it is.

Rumor has it that Ohio State may have had some interesting encounters that involved super-recruit Terrelle Pryor.

Everyone has heard about Pryor and how he will replace Tim Tebow as the "Superman" of college football. (Really, if I have to hear Tebow called Superman one more time I might throw something.)

Once again, much of this information—especially the seedy parts relating to Ohio State—come from Michigan blogs, so it all could be as true as a two-dollar hooker.

Supposedly, Pryor has spent some time in his hometown working for the richest man in town, Ted Sarniak, who owns a specialty glass business.

The hilarity ensues with a picture of Pryor next to a Corvette in a sharp white suit. Apparently, Sarniak lent the vehicle to Pryor for prom, probably last spring. Is there anything wrong with that? Probably not.

People lend other people cars all the time. I wouldn't say there is much wisdom in lending ANY teenager a shiny Corvette, but Sarniak is probably a lot richer than I am.

Let's just call him Uncle Moneybags.

The Michigan blogs seem to be having a field day with this picture though—pretty funny stuff.

The shady part begins with Moneybags supposedly saying he will give Pryor the Corvette for graduation. The story continues on Scout.com that Ohio State coaches met and had dinner with Sarniak the day before Pryor was to take his second visit to Michigan.

What's odd about that is the Scout.com story has been changed to eliminate any reference to Ohio State coaches meeting with Sarniak.

Now that? That smells fishy.

Apparently, Sarniak is no stranger to shady business either.

Just last year Uncle Moneybags was investigated for possible bribery of a police department after he was found wrapped around a utility pole with the smell of alcohol on his breath. After he was taken to the hospital, he refused a blood test to see if he was driving drunk.

Normally, in the state of Pennsylvania that is a automatic one-year license suspension.

Not for Sarniak. He apparently contacted another police officer and told his side of the story. Although he did not ask for anything, the story worked its way through the department and he was never charged with a DUI.

That in itself would not constitute bribery or even suspicion of it. What is odd is that he made a $4,000 donation to the police department later on to buy tasers. Uncle Moneybags apparently also donated many Pittsburgh Steelers tickets to the department.

Sarniak was never charged with any of this and the DA found no problems. But you would have to be silly to say that at least his DUI part did not seem a little odd.

As for Pryor, the question is, did Ohio State coaches meet with Sarniak or not? Is Sarniak doing anything wrong here? Is Ohio State doing anything wrong?

Perhaps more frightening for Ohio State fans—Does this not remind you of Maurice Clarett driving an SUV that was not his, or Troy Smith taking money from a booster?

Some stress-filled days seem to be looming at Ohio State.

PS: I am sure I am going to get bashed for writing this.