Breaking It Down: Brief Monday Night Raw Analysis 10/27/08

Justin RozzeroContributor IOctober 28, 2008

The opening segment was quite interesting as Jericho came out and delivered a great promo coming off a tough loss. He is such a great heel in that he can spin the loss as a fluke and a conspiracy and make himself even more hated.

I loved the Orton/Adamle interaction as Orton clearly went over the edge and it was great that Adamle showed some spine and smacked him for it. They are clearly loading up next week’s three hour show and it will be interesting to see what Shane and Stephanie do and if they decide to pull the plug on Adamle.

The tag match was really good stuff and the crowd was into it the whole way. We also got a great surprise ending and a cool TV title change as Punk got his revenge on Priceless.

The Santino segment was great stuff and the legends were funny in their quick spot. Haas was good as Beth as well. Good stuff all around there and I hope the three legends stick around for a few more weeks and maybe a quick shot at Survivor Series.

The Batista promo was solid and had an old school feel as he talked briefly and laid out his plans for a lengthy reign. The Divas match was decent enough and was mainly a platform for Kelly to pick up another win as she continues to improve.

The Mysterio/Bourne match did not disappoint and the crowd was digging it the whole way through. That was definitely another star making performance for Bourne as they just let him go out there and fly around to get over. He hung all the way with Rey and that will be big in the fans’ eyes. Kane and Henry drew some great heat with the beatdown as well and the whole segment was just well done.

The Cena video package was neat and it was cool seeing the old home videos of him and his brothers wrestling in the backyard. Miz and Morrison were funny as always and the Dirt Sheet will be great I am sure. Of course, they will be taken out next week, but that is fine as they continue to get over via their sharp wit and over the top comedy.

The JBL beating on Michaels was effective and made JBL look legit by taking him out on his own. The main event ended up being a pretty solid little match and was used to build heat for the cage match next week.

Well, Raw definitely rebounded nicely and put out a great effort tonight. The energy was high and the pace was fast throughout the night. The show was focused and crowd got into a nice groove. Every segment had a goal and they were all pretty much accomplished. We also got a great title change and some really good in ring action to boot.

This was a rock solid outing coming off a PPV as the build for Survivor Series kicks off. The show kept me interested the whole way through and had some memorable moments and that is all I can ask for. Grade: B+

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