MMA Knockout of the Day: Anthony Lapsley and Aaron Wetherspoon KO to Remember

Sal DeRoseCorrespondent IJune 22, 2011

King of the Cage: Opposing Force housed one knockout that went a little extra. So here, courtesy of MMA Knockout of the Day, we bring you not one, but two knockouts in the same fight.

Both fighters entered the second round and were doing pretty well. Anthony Lapsley threw a nice head kick, and it looked like he should have won there. Only moments later, though, both Lapsley and Aaron Wetherspoon landed connecting shots to each others' head.

Wetherspoon’s nickname is “Slam,” and after seeing the way he dropped to the mat on this knockout, I can think of about seven bad jokes. So I’m going to spare everyone the verbal abuse, since you can probably think of them yourselves.

Better yet, referee Herb Dean’s reaction at the end of the fight is pretty priceless. In his head, he is definitely going, “What the heck? Seriously?”

Lapsley and Wetherspoon met again three months later, and thankfully, this time they settled the fight within the first round. Lapsley won by submission, and that submission was a scarf hold armlock.

Since their rematch, Wetherspoon has fought only once, and that was last February where he won by unanimous decision.

For Lapsley, since the rematch, he has gone 5-2 with his most recent loss coming against Jay Hieron in March where he lost by submission. That bout against Hieron was at Bellator 35 and was part of their welterweight tournament.

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