Phils Play The Waiting Game

Rupert PupkinCorrespondent IOctober 28, 2008

PHILADELPHIA, PA- THEY GREW UP in places like California, and Illinois, and Florida, far from the bright lights and cool autumn breezes of a place like Philadelphia. They made their way to the majors through various outposts, some on the fast track, some on a path more circuitous. For the better part of their lives, they have existed outside the limits of a city starving for a professional sports title; perhaps aware, yet certainly isolated from the task with which they now find themselves charged.

Twenty-five men, one manager, and a coaching staff, all cobbled together from the various nooks and crannies of the country.

On a perfect autumn night, with the sky-scraping buildings shimmering in the background, they took one more step toward completing their own chapter in the history of one of America's oldest cities.

Those words are not mine they are that of David Murphy from the Philadelphia Daily News.  And boy did Murph pinpoint it. 

The anticipation leading into game five of the 2008 World Series was unlike any other.  Co-mingling with my co-workers in the press box, talking to fans walking by the hype was all there.  And is it ever a damn shame that Major League Baseball messed this one up.  It was almost as bad as if the Phillies lost.  Everyone was ready to party; Chickie's and Pete's bar and crab-house was packed to capacity, nearly 50,000 more towel waving lunatics sat attentively through the rain waiting for what was sure to happen, and thousands more non-ticket holders surrounded the stadium.

As the rain teemed down and the Phillies Grounds Crew pulled the tarp over the infield it became apparent that  after 100 years of waiting for Philadelphia the wait will be a few days more.

Fans are outraged that the game ever even began.  The Commissioner, Bud Selig, explained it was a incorrect report from a meteorologist that caused this unforgivable mishap. 

Never should a World Series game be affected by inclement weather. 

All fans are left to say is: "Only in Philadelphia."

Never should a starting pitchers outing be cut short because of weather in the World Series.

All fans are left to say is "Only in Philadelphia"

If for any inconceivable reason the Phillies were to go on to loose this series all this starving city could think is "Only in Philadelphia"