The Chronicles Of NBA Rookie Centers

Sean StancillSenior Writer IOctober 28, 2008

With the season underway, it maybe a tad bit slothful of me to embark on foreshadowing if your the Lakers, Blazers, Celtics, or Cavaliers. Luckily my predictions all begin making headway Wednesday night.

The life and expectancy of a rookie can be harsh by NBA standards, let alone at the center position.There are a handful of key, major figureheads of which to choose from--Greg Oden, Kevin Love, Marc Gasol, etc.

However, I have chosen to write about Roy Hibbert, Javale McGee, and the Lopez Brothers and their roles and what they should provide for their respective teams. 


Roy Hibbert-Indiana Pacers 17th Overall

His weight and lack of conditioning was Hibbert's achilles' heel heading into the 2008 NBA draft snowballed with his bizarre decision to decline his draft eligibility a year ago during Georgetown's unexpected Final Four run. Former Hoya teammate Jeff Green capitalized on his collegiate success which spring boarded his stock to 5th overall in 2007.

Hibbert's numbers dropped in comparison last season in his final year at Georgetown and under Coach John Thompson III but miraculously was chosen 17th overall by the Indiana Pacers.

Roy vigorously worked with Pacers strength and conditioning coach Shawn Windle over the summer to winnow excess weight from his 7-2 frame.

The bi-product: A faster, agile, fleet-footed Roy, evident of his near double-double effort in his 3rd preseason game against the Grizzlies, posting 17 points, 9 rebounds, and 3 blocked shots.

Hibbert, the slenderized subject led the Pacers in field goal percentage and offensive rebounds after displacing body fat in the offseason and no longer the equivalent of a mobile hammhock.

With fitness his new prerogative, Hibbert should be an effective member of the Indiana Pacers' rotation and maybe current Pacers' center Jeff Foster's successor.


Javale McGee-Washington Wizards 18th Overall

In his first preseason game with the Washington Wizards, McGee produced 20 points, 8 rebounds, and 3 blocks in his preseason debut, an exertion of his athleticism and unmistakable aptitude an a NBA offense. In his second game, Javale scored 8 points, and had 6 of the Wizards' 9 team rebounds. Leading Washington in blocked shots and rebounds during the exhibition portion of the NBA season, Javale will have a surplus of opportunities since fallen oaf Brendan Haywood had surgery because of a broken wrist.


McGee closed out the preseason leading Washington in blocks, field goal percentage, field goals made, free throws made, and offensive rebounds despite only registering only 18.3 minutes per game.


An unquestioned array of valiant feats.


Robin Lopez-Phoenix Suns 15th Overall

Robin Lopez led the Suns in blocking with a 2.1 average in the preseason—good enough to be categorized in the Top 10, along with Andrei Kirilenko, Dwight Howard, and Brother Brook.

Lopez's 7-block bashing of the Nuggets in the NBA's recent outdoor exhibition display conclusively justified his standing as a first round selection and role player of the Janus-faced Phoenix Suns squad.


His defense subsidizes his overall performance on the court and permits him to pursue improvement on his futile offensive skill set.


Brook Lopez-New Jersey Nets 10th Overall

 Thought to be the wiser and more NBA ready of the pair, Brook Lopez was fifth in the preseason and first on the Nets in blocks with 2.3, completed 50.8% of his field goal attempts, and also hoarded 7.8 defensive rebounds per game, also primordial.

Lopez will be expected to contribute similar to Leon Powe's role as a member of the Boston Celtics; an efficient big man content in playing a few quarters of a game.

While he may not be handed the the starting center position just yet, Brook will eventually be the mammoth in the middle for the Nets,


Conclusion: Aside from Robin Lopez the lone inadequate scorer of the bunch, the remaining three lumberjacks shot over 50% from the field with McGee’s 57.4% ranking supreme. Realistically, out of the four beasts of burden Javale McGee is the only player with the likelihood of seeing significant playing time in his rookie campaign.

Though each rookie will effect his team for the greater good.