Adrian Peterson: No Hangover Here

Joshua LongContributor IOctober 28, 2008


Adrian Peterson is really starting to become a very well-known name around the league, but not just because of last year—he is having a great year this year too. So far, after seven games for AP, he has 684 yards on 151 carries. He is averaging 4.5 yards per carry, and he has five touchdowns.

He is second in the league in rushing to Clinton Portis. He is ranked second in the league in yards-per-carry, and is tied for sixth in touchdowns—as far as NFC running backs go.

I think one of the problems of the Vikings this year is that they got away from running the ball, and started passing enough when they had the No. 1 rushing duo in the league last year.

When it comes to the Houston Texans—their offense is ranked fourth overall, which is great. But their overall defense is 16th, which is middle of the pack, and their rushing defense is terrible at 21st.

When analyzing this game I would have to say that if the coaching is done right then the Vikings should have a field day on the ground against the Texans. Also, the Texans are seventh worst in points scored against their defense with 26.9 points-per-game.

The Texans are 16th in pass defense this season, but that’s not saying too much when Minnesota's offense is 17th in the league so far.

The Vikings are a very hard team to predict. One week their offense is non-existent—for example, a 12-10 victory over the Lions. Then the next week they come back and score 41 points—yet they still lose.

I feel a lot of the problem, like I said before, is that they went away from the running game and have no offense. I think with the Vikings, only being one game out of the NFC North lead, need to come out of this bye week with the mindset of running the ball to win football games.

If the Vikings can run their way to victories, I think they can still win the NFC North. But now would be the time to make the impression that they are a playoff team.

Prediction: Vikings 28 Texans 14

Don't be too harsh on this one. These are my feelings about the Vikings and the Texans game.