Kentucky-Mississippi State: Wildcats Look Number Six

Nathan TowlesCorrespondent IOctober 28, 2008

It has already been a wild week up in Lexington following last Saturday's demolishing by the hands of the Florida Gators.

There has already been a major change at quarterback going into Saturday's game. Randall Cobb will get his first collegiate start over Mike Hartline.

There will be more changes but have yet to be released.

Like last week, Kentucky will be going into the game on the hurting side. This is not where any team, not even in the nation, wants to be at this time at the year.

Again, like last week, there are a few Cats that are going to either not play or at a limited role.

Mississippi State is coming off a big win last week and ready for the challenge that Kentucky brings.

The University of Mississippi State offense depth chart:

  • WR: Aubrey Bell (6'3", 217, Sr.), Co-Eric Riley (6'1", 200, Sr.)
  • LT: Derek Sherrod (6'5", 298, So.), Mark Melichar (6'5", 284, So.)
  • LG: Anthony Strauder (6'3", 290, Sr.), Craig Jenkins (6'4", 315, Jr.)
  • C: J.C. Brignone (6'1", 290, So.), D.J. Looney (6'1", 290, RFr.)
  • RG: Michael Gates (6'4", 305, Sr.), Craig Jenkins (6'4", 315, Jr.)
  • RT: Quentin Saulsberry (6'3", 286, RFr.), Mark Melichar (6'5", 284, So.)
  • TE: Nelson Hurst (6'4", 240, Fr.), Brandon Henderson (6'1", 250, So.)
  • WR: Brandon McRae (6'4", 200, Jr.), Delmon Robinson (5'10", 170, Fr.)
  • FB: Brandon Hart (5'11", 240, Sr.), Eric Hoskins (5'11", 230, Sr.)
  • HB: Anthony Dixon (6'1", 240, Jr.), Christian Ducre (6'0", 215, Jr.)
  • QB: Tyson Lee (5'11", 190, Jr.), Wesley Carroll (6'1", 190, So.)

University of Mississippi State defense depth chart:

  • LE: Charles Burns (6'3", 265, Sr.), Sean Ferguson (6'4", 225, Fr.)
  • LT: Cortez McCraney (6'4", 272, Sr.), LaMarcus Williams (6'1", 290, So.)
  • RT: Jessie Bowman (6'1", 305, Sr.), Kyle Love (6'1", 320, Jr.)
  • SLB: K.J. Wright (6'3", 215, So.), Anthony Littlejohn (6'1", 230, Sr.)
  • MLB: Dominic Douglas (6'2", 227, Sr.), Bo Walters (6'1",232, Fr.)
  • WLB: Karlin Brown (5'9", 195, So.), Terrell Johnson (6'2", 210, RFr.)
  • LCB: Japer O'Quinn (5'10", 185, Sr.), Tay Bowser (6'3", 185, Jr.)
  • SS: Keith Fitzhugh (5'11", 206, Sr.), De'Mon Glanton (6'1", 190, Sr.)
  • FS: Derek Pegues (5'10", 196, Sr.), Zach Smith (6'0", 180, So.)
  • RCB: Marcus Washington (5'10", 180, Jr.), Damein Anderson (5'11" 175, RFr.)

University of Mississippi State special teams:

  • PK: Adam Carlson (6'4", 195, Sr.), Eric Richards (6'4", 227, RFr.)
  • P/HOL: Blake McAdams (5'10", 190, Sr.)
  • SN: Aaron Feld (6'1", 225, So.)
  • KR: Derek Pegues (5'10", 196, Sr.), Wade Bonner (5'10", 180, RFr.)
  • PR: Derek Pegues (5'10", 196, Sr.), Jamayel Smith (6'0", 183, Sr.)

Bulldogs to watch:

  • Tyson Lee  and Wesley Carroll have been inconsistent at best for the Bulldogs. When one looks like they are moving in the right direction, they trip and fall back down to the other.
  • Anthony Dixon is a bone crushing "dog". He is a powerful back that can run you over and not think twice. He did have a rough game last year when they played Kentucky with repeated fumbles.
  • Brandon McRae is the leading receiving bulldog. Mississippi State has had the same trouble with receivers as Kentucky. McRae is proving that he is a target for the QB.
  • Derek Pegues is a very talented athlete on both sides of the ball. He can take kick returns back and play a taunting free safety.
  • K.J. Wright can, and most of the time will, find his way into the backfield to interrupt a pass or run play.

With a new change at quaterback, Kentucky will try to speed up its offense early in the start. UK has had a hard time doing that early in a game.

Randall Cobb will keep State on its toes all day. He has the ability to make a play out of nothing by tucking the ball down and running to get some yardage. However, he can throw the ball pretty well.

With Cobb now at quarterback, the young receiving corps must step up and make some plays. They don't have to be big, just keep them in the game. But you can't look past the long ball if it is there.

The defense will be hurting again this week. Some players will play, but not at 100%. Micah Johnson and Mryon Pryor look doubtful for the game, so some of the younger players need to step up and fill in.

The special teams has to be in better shape after last week's meltdown, hopefully.

The winner of this game the past two years, have spring boarded them into a successful end of the year.

This game should be close from start, to finish if the Kentucky defense isn't healthy.

Kentucky has the chance to go into Starkville and come out with the elusive six win.

Kentucky also has the chance to leave Starkville with the loss and looking more like a team that won't win another game this year.

Right now, both Kentucky and Mississippi State stand at the same position, but UK looks like they understand and trust their coach.

The team will pull it together, after being embarrassed on a national t.v., and prove themself's worthy of the Blue and White.

Kentucky 27-21.


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