The Melt Your Face Off Home Game

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IOctober 28, 2008

Earlier this summer, I approached Reasonable Doubt, one of the talented and handsome bloggers at Melt Your Face Off, about picking a hockey team. I haven’t rooted for one since the Florida Panthers’ “Year of the Rat,” and I wanted to have a rooting interest on ice.

So, after learning that the fantastic and lovely Texy of Deadspin (and Out in Center Field, and one-third of all other sports blogs on the Internet) was looking for a sweater to wear as well, we came up with an idea: the Melt Your Face Off Home Game. Basically, Texy and I went through Melt Your Face Off’s Season Previews, took pleas and arguments from commenters, and chose two teams we will follow for the rest of our lives because of the words posted on a blog.

And now, I can finally reveal… …that I’m waiting for everyone else to reveal. Check back here and on MYFO for more.

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