WWE: CM Punk Leaving the WWE Is a Huge Blow to All of Pro Wrestling

Travis Smith@TravisLeeSmith2Analyst IIJune 21, 2011

Last night’s RAW produced a lot of shocking moments and created a lot of buzz around the pro wrestling community. The one moment that really caught a lot of wrestling fans off guard was when CM Punk announced that he was leaving the WWE after his contract expires on July 17th. If CM Punk does decide to leave the company then he will leave a huge void in not only the WWE, but in the entire pro wrestling industry.

CM Punk has been on fire in 2011 since joining the young heel stable, “The Nexus.” Punk began the year battling John Cena, and then went into a major feud with Randy Orton that went on from WrestleMania 27 to a classic last-man-standing match at Extreme Rules. He just finished a mini-feud with longtime rival Rey Mysterio.

Punk has been a mainstay on RAW since being brought back via WWE trade last year and he has been one of the key figureheads of the show, so to lose Punk would cripple the show because Punk has been having solid matches with the main eventers that the WWE has to offer.

The WWE has already lost several big name superstars over the past year now: Shawn Michaels, Batista and Edge. If the WWE cannot re-sign Punk, then it will leave a void in the main-event scene on RAW. The void will show up very quickly and it will make RAW less desirable to watch on a weekly basis for some fans.

I believe CM Punk is one of the top five biggest stars that the WWE has to offer right now. The man has done it all since arriving in the WWE back in 2006. Three-time World Heavyweight Champion, ECW Champion, World Tag Team Champion with Kofi Kingston in 2008, IC Champion and two-time Money In The Bank winner.

The accomplishments speak for themselves but the man has been in so many classic matches with big time guys like Undertaker, Cena, Mysterio, Jericho and Orton. Without Punk on the roster, the WWE will lack another big time superstar that can work with any guy and have a solid match.

So if CM Punk leaves the company, then the WWE is in trouble because Punk can put over anyone on the roster and Punk is one guy that can really get the WWE fans going as a top heel. The WWE needs to try and re-sign Punk because he is one of the best and without him, RAW just won’t be the same.

I haven’t heard anything about Punk’s future but I have to believe that he will be retiring from pro wrestling all together, so there is a chance that Punk could eventually work for TNA. If Punk does decide to go over to TNA then look out because he will bring over more fans to the young up-start company and can really put over the talent that TNA has to offer.

Overall the future for Punk is very cloudy, but no matter what Punk does, one thing is for certain, if Punk does decide to leave pro wrestling, then it will be a huge void left in the main-event scene for professional wrestling as a whole.