Michael Floyd Will Be Notre Dame's Greatest Wide Receiver Ever

Steve GormleyContributor IOctober 28, 2008

You read that right.  By the end of his college career, Michael Floyd will be the most prolific wide receiver in Notre Dame history.

Will he be the best wideout in the NFL to come out of Notre Dame?  Probably not.  Tim Brown will probably still hold that distinction.

But as far as every major statistical category will go, you will see Floyd's name at the top of every Notre Dame list for a very long time.

Now obviously, there is a reason I say this.  He's a freshman.  He will probably finish this season with over 1,000 yards receiving.  He has Jimmy Clausen for the next year and a half at least and then Dayne Crist after that.

Mix that with the fact that Notre Dame has historically been a running team, and it makes it pretty easy to predict Floyd's eventual statistical greatness.  The fact that we are seeing this now, under a Charlie Weis-led offense, is not surprising.

Why do I even bring this up?  To me, this shows the direction in which the program is heading.  Weis is bringing in some of the best players to ever play in front of Touchdown Jesus.  All those out there who are talking about the demise of the Irish and the sustained mediocrity that we should expect aren't seeing what's happening right in front of them.

Each week, this young team gets better and better.  Clausen, Tate, Rudolph, Allen, Aldridge...all improve with each game.  This is all due to Weis, who because of last season's terrible record, gets thrown under the bus a little too much.

Ultimately, this all comes down to Weis.  If he continues to recruit like he has in his first three seasons, Notre Dame will eventually return to national prominence.

The fact that we hit a wall last season and are currently rebuilding is sad for a team that should be in the Top 25 polls every year, but it's a fact, and now it's time to look toward the future—and all I can see are victories and historically great players.