Introducing the 2009 MMA Blogging Open Weight Grand Prix!

Michael ComeauCorrespondent IOctober 28, 2008

Are you an active MMA blogger? Are you good at picking fights? Do you like to win prizes? If you answered yes to both questions, then you should enter the 2009 MMA Blogging Open Weight Grand Prix!

In the 2009 MMABOWGP (nice, huh?), MMA bloggers from all walks of life will battle it out for bragging rights and prizes. I'm shooting for a Cadillac for the top guy, but most likely the winner will have to settle for a set of steak knives or a box of Twinkies. Remember, this event will run for all of 2009, so if you're not committed, don't enter.

Here's how it works:

We'll be focusing on the UFC since it's the only promotion that is guaranteed to still be in business at the end of 2009, and to keep things manageable for me. This includes UFC pay-per-view events, Ultimate Fight Nights, and Ultimate Fighter Finales. The champion of the contest will be the blogger who picks the most fights correctly for the entire year.

For each event, I'll send an email to the competitors. All you have to do is respond with your fight picks by midnight Eastern Time the night before the event. If you miss the deadline, you're not out of the contest but you'll lose the chance to score some points. If there are roster changes the day of the event, those fights will simply be ignored. Since I'll be entering myself, I'll be posting my fight picks publicly before the deadline.

Remember, the winner is the blogger who picks the most fights correctly, not the highest percentage of fights correctly. This is to keep people committed to the contest for the entire year and to provide an incentive not to skip events.

So if you are still interested in entering, drop me a line at with your full name and the blog you run or for which you write. I'm going to accept about 25 entrants, so respond quickly so I can put together a roster.


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