5 Things I Will Do If There Is No NFL Football in 2011

Matt SchwartzmanContributor IJune 21, 2011

5 Things I Will Do If There Is No NFL Football in 2011

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    After 100 days, the NFL lockout is still in full swing and an end doesn't seem close. Well I shouldn't say that. With the "secret" talks between the NFLPA and the NFL happening every week, something could happen any day, but the chances of that are unlikely if you ask me.

    I really don't think it should take this long to figure out how to split up $9 billion.

    The previous collective bargaining agreement gave players 57 percent of that $9 billion in revenue. Well now since that bargaining agreement has ended, the owners see it as a good time to argue for more of a percentage of that $9 billion. I know it's business, but when that much money is involved, it is simply about greed at that point.

    The average NFL player makes between $700,000 to $2 million a year. That is ridiculous. They're are usually 1,696 players in the NFL in a season under the payroll. That's a lot of money going to overpaid athletes who only play 18 games in a season. Who knows when the NFLPA and NFL will come to terms, but I know if they don't, these things will happen.

I Am Going to Cry

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    I probably won't actually cry, but if I have to go a full year without my favorite sport I will be emotionally damaged.

Start Playing Fantasy Something or Another

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    Fantasy football takes over my life from August to February. If I to go without that obsession/hobby, I will want to fill that void with some other kind of fantasy sport. Not going to be easy though. No other fantasy sport compares with fantasy football. None of them even come close. 

Not Watch Arena Football

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    Arena football is like watching tee-ball when you want to watch a MLB game. The players aren't as talented. The field is smaller. The tackles are weak. And the whole padded walls thing is just plain dumb. Just because I can't watch NFL football doesn't make me so desperate I will watch a 72-36 Arena football game.

Lose the Little Bit of Respect I Have Left for Roger Goodell

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    I could not actually find a job description for NFL commissioner, but I assume he is the face of the NFL but also makes important decisions as well.

    To allow for the NFL lockout to get so bad that a federal judge has to set up mandatory meetings is just sad. Goodell should be able to work with both players and owners and set up meetings between the two to set up a new CBA. Quit sitting back and letting federal judges and business attorneys decide the outcome of the most profitable sport in the world.


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    What else am I going to do? With no football in my life I would lose my mind. Instead of rioting I would probably would just vent several times a day to anyone that will listen. I will complain like no other. I will be worse than Charlie Sheen talking about winning and tiger blood.

    People will beg me to just shut up about football. But I will not be able to. I love me some NFL. There is no way around it. I eat, sleep and breath NFL.

    Hank Williams Jr. has been asking us for years, "ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?"

    Well Hank, I sure am! I want my NFL!!!!!