Fantasy Football First Half Review: QBs

Brett KettyleCorrespondent IOctober 28, 2008

We are through 8 weeks of the NFL, and with most people playing a 16 week fantasy schedule, that means we have reached the halfway point in fantasy football. Over the next couple of days I will look at the surprises of this Fantasy season.

The Preseason Top 5 (By ESPN Draft Position):
1) Tom Brady
2) Peyton Manning
3) Tony Romo
4) Drew Brees
5) Ben Roethlisberger

The Top 5 Right Now:
1) Philip Rivers (144)
2) Drew Brees (142)
3) Aaron Rodgers (126)
4) Kurt Warner (117)
5) Jay Cutler (114)

Position Review
Only half of the players who were originally drafted in the Top 10 QBs are now ranked in the Top 10. The top 3 picks are all out of the Top 5.

Brady went down in week one, and Romo is now on the shelf with a pinky injury.

Manning has struggled (with the exception of the Baltimore game).

Big Ben is currently ranked 19, and other top draft choices Carson Palmer (partly due to injury) and Derek Anderson are ranked lower than 20.

Rivers has turned into a machine, throwing for 3 TDs in over half of his games, and scoring double digit fantasy points in every game. Kurt Warner and Tony Romo (for the weeks in which he was healthy) are the only other QBs without a single digit game.

Other positional surprises include Kyle Orton (currently ranked T-10) and Jason Campbell (T-8). This year you had a pretty good chance of your backup outproducing your starter.

Year to End Top 10:
1) Drew Brees: In control of the leagues best offense, and with all the RB issues, he will be throwing a lot.

2) Kurt Warner: He throws all the time it seems, and has some great match-ups still to come. The emergence of Steve Breaston gives him three strong targets.

3) Donavan McNabb: He is finally going to be playing with a fully healthy set of skill players, which could mean big things from McNabb.

4) Jay Cutler: Another player who should be looking at having a healthier offense (with Tony Scheffler and Eddie Royal returning) who will be throwing a lot.

5) Phillip Rivers: I don't especially like his schedule, but with O-line issues and LT seemingly a shade of his former self, Rivers will continue to air it out.

6) Peyton Manning: Even in all of the disappointment, he is still tied for 10th in the QB rankings, and should continue to get healthier and in more rhythm as the season progresses.

7) Aaron Rodgers: Who would have thought that he would have performed so well after riding the bench for so long? The most disappointing part of his season might be that he doesn't play the Lions again until week 17, after most leagues are done.

8) Tony Romo: He will not return until after the team's bye week, but if healthy will be a dominant QB from the time he returns.

9) Matt Schuab: He has been on a tear since he returned from injury, and with weapons Andre Johnson, Kevin Walter and Owen Daniels, he should continue to thrive.

10) Ben Roethlisberger: He is coming off of an awful game, but should rebound. He is hurt be the fact that Santonio Holmes is in legal trouble, but Nate Washington has proved to be a reliable number two receiver for the Steelers.