WWE: When Will Zack Ryder Finally Make His Presence Known on Monday Night RAW?

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIIJune 21, 2011


Zack Ryder, the IWC's latest golden boy, has rapidly gained popularity thanks to his Youtube show known as "Z! True Long Island Story". I've got to say, it's a good show, and it's made me a member of the "Zack Pack" too.

Ryder won a lot of fans in part due to his willingness to give them a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of a professional wrestler. Ryder not only lives the dream, but also gives the fans what they want.

To many fans, Zack Ryder, is their "Internet sensation". The people online love him so much that they officially crowned him "Internet" champion.

Isn't that enough to make him a star?

Apparently, the WWE doesn't think so. 

Just last week, in a three-hour episode of RAW, the WWE failed to impress by putting on a very lackluster "All-Star" show. The poor booking and lack of buildup did nothing to build hype for the PPV, Capitol Punishment, which I've got to say wasn't much better than the "All-Star" Raw.

To make things worse, the show was in Zack Ryder's hometown, yet he was nowhere to be seen on national television.

The show already felt rushed, and the crowd was anticipating their hometown hero finally getting a chance to appear on the main show.

The people wanted it, but the WWE did not deliver.

Instead, Ryder was once again relegated to the WWE's online show, Superstars.

Here's a fun fact: As a Superstars regular, Ryder should at least appear in the show's introduction, right?

He doesn't, and stars who rarely if ever appear on the show are there in his place.

Fun fact aside, Zack Ryder is a star in the making. That the WWE fails to see it isn't our problem.

Our problem is, will the Ryder Revolution be enough to convince the WWE that they have a star within their grasp? Or will they fail to take advantage of this opportunity, and continue to rely on the Cenas and Ortons of the world to carry their company forever?

Zack Ryder, much like CM Punk, can help the business more than Cena and Orton. They could be the stars of the future, yet if they're mistreated, they could leave. In fact, Punk is already on his way out.

The WWE have sunk the boat with Ryder so far, yet they have a chance to make it right. All they have to do is put the man on television! They've already had two three-hour RAWs in a row, yet Ryder was nowhere to be found.

If the WWE wants to build for the future with a face who already has a following, Ryder's their man. 

"We Want Ryder", but does the WWE want him?

It seems like they don't, but they have time to change their minds.

If they give him a chance, he won't disappoint.

If he's not given a chance, "Ryder or Riot" may become a real decision for the WWE, and they'll have to listen.

"Ryder or Riot", Woo Woo Woo You Know It!