News Flash: Delay Will Not Slow the Phightin Phils Down

Josh NiemtzowCorrespondent IOctober 28, 2008

October is, to many, the greatest time of year; Halloween, football midseason, the start of hockey and basketball, and of course, the Fall Classic.

My whole life, I had been waiting for the day that I could show reason for my pride towards the wonderful city of Philadelphia. No major sports team has won a championship since the spectacular '82-'83 Philadelphia 76er team led by Julius "Dr. J" Erving and Moses Malone.

So when the Philadelphia Phillies were en route to win the first major sports championship in 25 years, there was no reason why a single person in this city should not have been excited.

All around the city, words were spoken, laughs were shared, and confidence was boasted, as the Philadelphia fans, and their pleasant cocky nature, were already talking of a parade. Although the Phillies had not yet won the World Series, fan morale was not an issue, as everybody was on their feet, or on a couch for that matter, watching the onslaught of what MLB Commissioner Bud Selig makes fans believe is "Real Baseball."

The game was looking promising from the start, as young ace Cole Hamels took the mound against the Rays' lineup, which had failed to hit Hamels his previous start in Game One. As the rains began to pour on Citizens Bank Park, fans watching on TV began to wonder why this game wasn't stopped immediately.  

Right off the bat, the Phillies started out with two hits and a close-call walk to Pat Burell. With the bases loaded, fans were in an excited state, when Shane Victorino, belted a single that scored two runs. This excitement even continued as torrential rainfall showered the stadium.

Chants of EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Kazmir sucks, were uttered loudly throughout the stadium.

It was a 2-1 game heading into the top of the sixth when, a costly Rollins error tied the game up, and that is when Commissioner Bud Selig knew he was saved. Right after that, the game was immediately delayed until further notice.

So why did Selig do this? Well, Selig should have pulled the game from the start, but as the game went later, he realized that he could not call the game if either team was winning. That disgraceful move that Selig made may have brought a momentum boost for the Rays, who were playing very sloppily as well. 

Others offer that this was a blessing for the Phillies, because they are the better team, and the game will still be played in OUR house.

But even with this setback, there is still one reason that the Rays' fans should be in a state of worry: Bullpen.

Although the Rays' bullpen is adequate, it does not compare to that of the Philadelphia Phillies. The seven, eight, and nine combination of Ryan Madson, J.C. Romero, and Brad "Lights out" Lidge has been nothing less than outstanding.

Brad Lidge has not blown one save this year, which is a feat that not many have been able to preform in previous years. Romero, signed to a new deal this year, has had key appearances, facing lefty batters; and finally, Ryan Madson has struggled in years past, but this year, he has been lights out. Madson and Romero serve as the perfect "Bridge to Lidge."   

So don't fret Phillies phans, but don't start celebrating, either. We have three hard innings to go before our city can erupt in superfluous celebration. Just because Commissioner Bud Selig and everybody out there in the media business is upset at this low-rated World Series doesn't mean that this is not one of the greatest things that could ever happen to this city trying to cope with the Curse of Billy Penn.

Enjoy the game, Phillies Phans, and let's all hope we have something to celebrate Thursday morning.