Canelo Alvarez, Roy Jones' Spectactical Verbiage and HBO's Latest Gem

James FoleyCorrespondent IJune 20, 2011

I can give someone a good fight at 147
I can give someone a good fight at 147Ethan Miller/Getty Images


*Matthew Hatton gave Canelo a tougher fight than Ryan Rhodes did. At least Hatton kept plunging forward and tried to get inside and frustrate Alvarez. He connected on a lot more clean shots than Rhodes did.

In retrospect, the game effort from Hatton deserves even more props. Maybe this guy should get a decent fight at 147....Paging Paully Malignaggi. First man to fight the Cotto brothers and the Hatton brothers?

*Roy Jones, who actually is one of my favorite commentators, either couldn't quite conjure up the word "spectacular" or intentionally invented a new word.

Either way, "spectactical" does have a certain ring to it and kind of fits the very methodical Alvarez, whose polished technique belies his wondrous gifts.

*All this talk about Canelo being too raw, too young, too inexperienced...I'm not saying he's ready for the most elite fighters in the sport, but I think he's pretty darn close to the best in the division, and I'm not sure how Miguel Cotto, with all of his heart and technique, could handle this young, powerful, patient fighter.

If Cotto gets past Margarito and Alvarez delivers another big win in the fall, Cotto-Alvarez becomes one of the biggest fights in the sport, possibly the super-fight that can lead to Top Rank and Golden Boy working together.

*HBO's latest gem I referred to is not Adrian Broner, although he did show the spectacular speed and power that could lead him to become one of the elite fighters in the lower weights. Rather, the epic fantasy series Game of Thrones, which closed it's opening season last night.

I've never been a big fan of the genre, never seen LOTR or Harry Potter, but when you find a series with this much drama, violence, action and intrigue with solid acting and great writing...and your girl's down too? It's a no-brainer.

*Enormous episode of Face Off between David Haye and Wladimir Klitschko. Easily joins my top three Face-offs along with Hopkins/Pascal and Mayweather/Mosley.

"What was those words you had said to me, Floyd? You said 'I wanna be just like you.'"

*Really looking forward to Guerrero-Maidana in August. Much as I respect Maidana, probably more than most, on this site anyway, I think this will be another coming-out party for the "Ghost," and this fight will get him a shot at the top fighters at 140 lbs, one of the most loaded divisions in the sport.

*It was great to see Harold Lederman, however briefly, get a chance to do some color commentary on the HBO broadcast.

I was a bit peeved at Lederman for being so pro-Chavez in his narrow win over Zbik, but it was actually moving to me when Harold began his could tell how excited he was to have the shot and he did a great job....for about two-and-a-half minutes until he was unceremoniously dumped back into his scorer's role after Broner's surprising knockout.

*Ryan Rhodes' finest moment was probably when he swatted away the baseball cap that the clueless ring girl tried to place upon his hairless dome seconds after being TKO'd in the biggest fight of his life. Most emotion and fire we saw out of him all night.

*Fight I most want to see Canelo get next: Kermit Cintron, which is unlikely because of the promotional rivalry and other considerations.

Fight we will probably end up with: A Dzinzurik, Powell, or opportunity for Canelo to grab another belt and keep moving up the ranks.

*Finally...give Don King some props. He has put together a hell of a card next Saturday in St. Louis with three legitimately interesting fights. Unfortunately, only two of those are being televised.

For whatever reason (probably trying to fire up the Heavyweight division), Bermane Stivern-Ray Austin is being aired over a championship fight at 154 between Sechew Powell and Cornelius Bundrage, the IBF beltholder.

You would think HBO would have some interest in the junior-middleweight division with Saul Alvarez and Paul Williams regularly fighting on the network. Airing the Powell-Bundrage fight would seem like a great chance to expose the public to a potential opponent for one of the network's stars.

I don't see what airing the Stiverne-Austin fight accomplishes, other than giving people another crappy HW bout and more ammo to bash the most storied division in the sport. HBO is much-maligned and often unfairly, but this decision is just bewildering and absolutely wrong-headed.