Bud Selig Screwed the Philadelphia Phillies

Colin CoulahanCorrespondent IOctober 28, 2008

Major League Baseball commissioner Allan H. Selig, known to most as "Bud," has proven to me several times that he is the worst commissioner the MLB has ever seen. The steroid scare, Barry Bonds issues, and the fact that the Astros' game was moved to Wrigley North are just a few incidents to date. Now we can add the South Philly monsoon to the list.

Game Five of the World Series was suspended last night due to rain in the top of the sixth inning after the Rays tied the game at two. Before the suspension, the field was soaked, puddles were collecting at the plate and in the outfield, and the players could not handle the ball properly.

In my opinion, Bud Selig is an idiot.  I did not see one forecast that called for clear skies, and numerous weather reporters called for rain all night.

I have worked baseball games, and the standard is to delay the game when it rains, and if it doesn't clear up, the game gets postponed. 

We waited out the rain in Game Four of the series, which poses the question of why we couldn't do it again. I understand starting the game and seeing what happens, but continuing the game while it rains is stupid.

The game was official by the time the rain got bad. It should've been called, and the Phillies would be celebrating right now. Whether it is the World Series or not, it is still a baseball game and should follow standard rules, but Bud saw a tie and took it upon himself to change the rules.

There are several reasons "Commissioner Clueless" did not call the game official. He thought he could squeeze a few dimes out of it. Maybe he thought a World Series game shouldn't be called because of rain. There is only one difference between a World Series game and a regular season game: The winner gets a trophy.

What happens to the Phillies now?

They are screwed. Once again, Cole Hamels threw a gem, but it was for nothing.  

Myers is getting the start and, in my opinion, he will slip up again. Myers isn't a solid pitcher. He has problems emotionally, and this might be the night he cracks. If this happens, the series goes back to Tampa Bay, and that's all she wrote.  

In one shot, Selig wasted a start by Hamels and ultimately screwed the Phillies.  Thanks, Bud, for looking out for baseball.