WWE Capitol Punishment: Alex Riley Suffers Injury During His Match?

RiZESenior Writer IJune 20, 2011

As reported by NoDQ.com, up and coming WWE Superstar, Alex Riley may’ve suffered a shoulder injury at last nights pay per view. For those viewing the event, Riley’s match with The Miz was easily controlled by the veteran for the majority.

Surprisingly, Alex Riley went on the offensive, gaining revenge on Mizanin and his biggest fan, Michael Cole.

Alex Riley won the match after a failed attempt to use Riley’s signature briefcase by The Miz.

As I watched the event live, Riley was obviously in a considerable amount of pain. The Varsity Villain raised his arm in victory with an inexplicable bruise in plain view. It’s being reported that the severity of Alex Riley’s injury hasn’t been confirmed.

The worst case scenario would be a torn bicep tendon.

My thoughts: This is certainly a case of bad timing. Alex Riley is fresh off a win over one of the WWE’s biggest Superstars in The Miz. Despite turning face a few weeks ago, Riley has immediately drawn the attention and favoritism of the live audiences. Mizanin putting Riley over definitely means the WWE had huge plans for the star going forward.

If Riley is injured, the appropriate angle would be to have The Miz put Alex Riley on the shelf.

WWE Creative should construct an angle where Mizanin brutally attacks his protégé, thus reinvesting some attention and credibility into The Miz while allowing Riley to save face.

But as I stated above, the severity of Riley’s injury hasn’t been confirmed.

We’ll have to watch Monday Night RAW to learn the latest on Riley’s injury.

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