The List: Another Screw-Up by Bud

Aren DowCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2017

I'm going to try something for an article here; things I notice but don't necessarily warrant an article. In fact, I don't expect many people to read it, this will be mostly for fun. That being said...


Bud Selig Drives Me Nuts

Why do you have to wait until the Rays score a run? You're the commissioner, you can adjust the rules. Just call the game, and resume later as you are doing right now.

Does it really matter if the game is tied or not? Don't apply rules made for the regular season games onto the actually important World Series games.


NBA is Starting Up

And ESPN is chomping at the bit.

With good reason too. Could we possibly have any more great story lines here? Can the Celtics repeat, the Rockets "Big Three," Greg Oden is back, Can LeBron lead his team to a championship? The list goes on and on.

I used to hate the changes constantly made in the NBA, but it definitely works out for this season.


Hey Jets Fans

Is Brett Favre driving you crazy yet?

I don't know how long the Jets fans are going keep up with his play. Here in Packer Nation, he won a Super Bowl for us, he had legacy. He was forgivable. None of that applies in New York.


Tim Kurkjian

I know it's his name, but it bothers me the way he says his last name. Kurk-JIAN. Ahh, I can't stand it.


Joe Flacco is Going to Be a Hero in Baltimore

Did you see that catch he made off of Troy Smith? Unbelievable. I like Joe Flacco, and I suspect Baltimore does too right now.

If Flacco builds off these last two games and the Ravens make the playoffs, get ready to hear the Big Ben comparisons flying around.


Singletary Starts off Well

In the press conference area at least.

Singletary has a hard job. Not only is he taking over a bad team, he's trying to change the mindset of that entire franchise. Gone are the days of Walsh, Montana, and Young. Singletary is going to have a hard time implementing his smash-mouth football.


Plaxico makes me laugh

In a league full of outspoken wide receiver divas, Burress is the quietest, most laid-back problem any team has.

Suppossed to receive neck treatment last Friday, Burress skipped it because he didn't think he had to go. "It was a simple miscommunication," said Burress.

Whoops, my bad. I'll just do whatever I want because I got a paycheck. Take it from me, an uneducated fan, Coach Coughlin, let Plax do what he wants. Besides, you're killing my fantasy team.

And that's my list.