MMA: 28 Reasons We'd Love to Have Dana White's Job

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MMA: 28 Reasons We'd Love to Have Dana White's Job
Charlie may be funny alright, but Dana always seems to have the last laugh

Charlie may be funny all right, but Dana always seems to have the last laugh

Dana White is perfectly encapsulated by the following alliteration; Bald Bonce, Beer-Belly, Brawler-Boss, Brash Businessman, Big Balls, Big Bucks (any more double-Bs related to the Baldfather, please let us know in the comments section).

The marketing savvy and ingenuousness evidenced by the UFC head honcho in his Vlogs is discussed in my recent piece on “Why MMA Is Becoming More Appealing Than Boxing.”

Indeed, you will be hard pushed to identify another global sport in which followers are permitted such an insight into its competing personalities as MMA.

This is best epitomised by Dana, the frontman of the entire operation and the unequivocal face of the Mixed Martial Arts, who proactively and consciously represents the sport at all available opportunities.

Dana constantly uploads video blogs (vlogs) which chronicle his quotidian activities, particularly leading up to and during major events. When was the last time Don King, or Oscar de la Hoya granted the fans such backstage access into their dealings?

Señor White even has a doll (though he would be quick to assert that it’s actually an “action figurine”) dedicated to him. Drawing upon the same comparison, do Don King and ODLH boast statuettes? And even if they did, would anyone purchase them?

Whilst polarising opinion amongst certain fans, fighters and media men, the preponderance would confess an admiration for the likable CEO. Whilst cynics might detect ulterior motives, he seems to be a genuinely decent bloke and generally appears to look out for the best interests of the fighters and the sport as a whole.

I shall conclude this point with the "humble" opinion of Sean McCorkle, “To all of you that ask me what Dana is like, he's pretty much exactly like you see him on his video logs. Definitely the coolest and most down to earth dude worth a couple hundred million bucks you'll ever meet.”

However, this article purports to demonstrate the grand nature of Dana’s existence, rather than a character assessment per se.

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