WWE Capitol Punishment Results: 2 Titles Change Hands, Did John Cena Retain?

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIJune 20, 2011

On the heels of a very unique night in the world of pro wrestling, WWE Capital Punishment both lived up to expectations and disappointed at the same time.

What probably sucked the most was anything to do with the fake President Obama.

As I am sitting here watching this PPV while doing the live blog for B/R, I'm thinking to myself that people are going to hate this when I type it. I almost didn't want to do that to them, but I had to do my job.

So, I did this job, which almost killed me.

But I was happy in some ways. A few of the matches were excellent.

I particularly enjoyed the Rey Mysterio-CM Punk match. It could be the best match of the night, in my opinion. The two had a hard-fought match, and Punk finally pulled out a win at a PPV. This is one I'd love to see on YouTube—it was very good.

Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston had a pretty good showing as well, and I'm glad Ziggler ended up winning, But now we are going to be exposed to yet another Ziggler-Kingston rivalry.

God, this is going to be bad.

Anyway, we had the Big Zeke and Wade Barrett title match to look forward to, right? Well, partly.

Zeke ended up winning the intercontinental title—so, short reign for Barrett—but this could lead to him going for the world heavyweight title. What I loved about this match was that we heard a lot of U-S-A chants from the crowd.

Great idea, seeing as neither are from here. Good idea, crowd! This happened about three times during the match, too.

Speaking of world titles, Randy Orton was cleared to wrestle after passing his impact test with doctors. So we were given a great match with him and Christian. The match was a great back-and-forth battle, and that was expected with these two.

Orton won the match, but in controversial fashion. Orton hit his RKO finisher and he hooked the leg of Captain Charisma, but he had his foot partly under the bottom rope. The ref didn't see it and counted to three, giving the win to Orton.

This may be something to lead into Money in the Bank with, so expect to see something regarding this on SmackDown.

Speaking of SmackDown, we had a big confrontation with Big Show and Alberto Del Rio there. Although the two men are on RAW, I guess WWE thought a good idea would be to promote their match on SmackDown.

I know, makes a lot of sense, eh?

Del Rio ended up getting the win in a weird way.

Before the match started, Show attacked Del Rio from behind as he was coming out, but soon after, before the bell rang, Mark Henry came out and attacked Show. This is possibly setting up something for the two.

Anyway, Henry attacked Show and slammed him through the Spanish announcer's table. He then went back and attacked Show's hurt leg. Or did he?

Henry slammed down a leg alright, but the wrong one! Show hurt his right leg, but Henry attacked the left. Show had to sell this leg the whole time and Del Rio got wind of this and changed his plans to Show's left leg. Smart by Show to limp coming in to help Del Rio know.

I'm sure Henry got quite a talking to backstage.

Anyway, Del Rio kept going after the leg enough to where Show could no longer stand. This led to the ref calling the match in favor of Del Rio. A ref stoppage shouldn't stop this rivalry.

We move from one rivalry to another with The Miz and Alex Riley.

Riley has gotten great pops from the crowd going into all of this. The PPV crowd was no different, and he yet again got some great pops from the crowd.

Riley had a great showing tonight. He showed he could last in the ring as a top talent. The Miz did very well. Overall, the best storytelling match of the night was with these two. Most expected that going in, and they didn't disappoint.

I will say this: Even though Riley won, I see The Miz moving on after the next PPV. I can't see this rivalry lasting months, personally. I mean, I know Riley was a former slave under Miz, but seriously, we saw student vs. teacher already with The Miz and Daniel Bryan. This would just be recycled from that, with a few different things involved.

Riley needs to move on to bigger and better things, but so does The Miz.

We move from one RAW rivalry to another in R-Truth and John Cena.

I didn't think Truth ever had a chance in this one.

I was seeing Cena hold on to the WWE title for a while when he won it, and Truth is by no means in any position to be a world champion. He's getting there, but not yet. Plus, he's 40 years old, and in a youth movement for the WWE, they're not going to put a title on a guy of that age.

Truth and Cena put on a pretty nice match—it wasn't the best match of the night by any means, but a pretty good match, to say the least.

The highlight of the match was the end. Truth stole a little boy's John Cena hat and then his drink. The boy got the cup back from Truth and he threw the drink on him—twice! Cena grabbed Truth, threw him in the ring and hit the Attitude Adjustment for the win. It was a pretty fun moment and one that made sense for WWE in this PG era.

What didn't make sense was the stupid Keith Stone beer segment. The Bellas had some out with the guy and they sat ringside for the last few matches. Kind of dumb, to say the least.

It was definitely something that had to be forced into the show, and it showed. Stuff like that makes me angry, for sure.

Overall, out of 10, this gets a six for me.

It was a nice PPV, but nothing to write home about.

For those who saw it, what did you think of the WWE's Capital Punishment PPV?


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