WWE Capitol Punishment Results: Match-by-Match Breakdown

Joe M.Correspondent IJune 20, 2011

WWE Capitol Punishment Results: Match-by-Match Breakdown

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    It's time for WWE's first ever Capitol Punishment pay-per-view (and this may be a one-time thing, as it seems to be a theme for Washington, D.C.)  The ropes are red, white, and blue, and the entrance it shaped like the White House, and in every way imaginable WWE is pushing the U.S. Government (Linda McMahon-less government, too) and Washington, D.C. theme.

    It's actually a pretty cool theme, better than an entire night of Fatal Four Way matches, at least.

    And to add to the excitement, now that the Cole Mine is gone, our Spanish announcers are back!  For all I know they are yelling curses, Hugo and Carlos are just so excited and happy all the time, even when their table breaks like it does every single time it's ringside.  I may just hit the SAP button so I don't have to listen to Booker T's incomprehensible rambling. 

    So, here we go, it's time to start the show.  I'll be breaking down every match on the card and giving each one a rating on a scale of 1-10.

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United States Championship: Dolph Ziggler def. Kofi Kingston

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    The first match of the night is Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler, accompanied by Vickie Guerrero, for the United States Championship.

    It seems as though Kofi Kingston has become WWE's designated show opener.  He' really is an awesome way to kick off a pay-per-view, but you would think a main event push would be coming Kofi's way soon.

    The match had a very nice pace, and at no point did it seem slow or lose the crowd, and they seemed to be very into it.

    After what really was a great show opener, Dolph Ziggler popped his sleeper hold onto Kofi, and Scott Armstrong called it.

    On a scale of 1-10, this match gets a 7.

Alex Riley def. The Miz

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    Next up we have Alex Riley vs. The Mix is what is undoubtedly the biggest match of Riley's career thus far.

    Evidently WWE officials wanted to see what Riley really had, as they gave the match plenty of time.

    The match was a solid match, but not the match of the night.  Riley did prove that he is able to have a very good match, though.  As he is the one getting the major push here

    On a somewhat unrelated note, Riley threw Michael Cole out from behind the announce table after Cole yelled at him,so it looks like WWE is keeping the Cole/heel gimmick alive.

    On a scale of 1-10, this match gets a 7.

Backstage Segment

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    What do you get when you tell the WWE creative team they have the following to work with: Vickie Guerrero, Sgt. Slaughter and a Barack Obama look-alike?

    A terrible atrocity.  

    Moving on.

Alberto Del Rio def. The Big Show

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    Next on the card is Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show.

    Most of the action here happened before the match even began.  As Del Rio was making his way to the ring he was attacked by Big Show, who was subsequently attacked by Mark Henry.

    Once the match actually begins, nothing all that great happens.

    The match was slow, which was a not-so-nice surprise, as both Big Show and Del Rio can put on great matches.  This just wasn't one of them.

    For the second time tonight, the referee called the match, this time because Del Rio had The Big Show's knee locked up.

    On a scale of 1-10, this match gets a 4.

Intercontinental Championship: Ezekiel Jackson def. Wade Barrett

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    Next up Wade Barrett comes out bashing democracy, keeping with the Washingston, D.C. theme.

    Their match at Over the Limit was not very good, so both Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson are due for, at least, a good match.

    The match turned out to be better than their bout at Over the Limit, but it still was not an amazing match.

    On a scale of 1-10, this match gets a 5.5.

CM Punk def. Rey Mysterio

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    After a year-plus long losing streak at pay-per-views, CM Punk finally picks up a win.

    After a long match against Rey Mysterio, CM Punk picked up his first pay-per-view win since early 2010.

    The match was long, and could have been given a few minutes less, but it certainly did not lose fan interest, kept a fast pace throughout and was, overall, just a very, very good match.

    On a scale of 1-10, this match gets an 8.

World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton def. Christian

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    For the third time, Randy Orton has defeated Christian.

    The match was awesome, but then again, these two have been putting on awesome matches for the past two months.  This was, however, the best match they've had.

    As an added bonus, after the match Orton hit Christian with the World Heavyweight Championship, so now it looks like Randy Orton is the one turning heel.  Although maybe WWE creative thinks that the crowd already hates Christian, so the fans will cheer Orton for bringing Christian down.  If that is what they think, they would be wrong.

    Obviously the feud cannot end with Orton clubbing Christian with the World Heavyweight Championship, so it looks like we'll be seeing more Randy Orton vs. Christian.

    On a scale of 1-10, this match gets a 9.

Evan Bourne def. Jack Swagger

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    This match was announced as a "special bonus attraction."

    It was alright, but obviously just thrown onto the card to fill up some empty space.

    Evan Bourne defeated Jack Swagger, a former World Heavyweight Champion who had his push stopped because he simply was not over with the crowd, with a roll-up.

    On a scale of 1-10, this match gets a 4.5.

"Barack Obama" Appears

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    Evidently the first backstage segment just was not enough.

    The Barack Obama look alike comes out to a podium to talk to the crowd.  The crowd by the way, is absolutely dead for his entrance, but the heckling commenced once he started to speak.

    Before the phony Obama could leave, Booker T stops him and teaches him the Spin-a-rooni. 

    Once again, moving on.

WWE Championship: John Cena def. R-Truth

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    The main event of the night is John Cena vs. R-Truth for the WWE Championship.

    It's a big night for R-Truth, his first real main event match, and he definitely showed he can hold his own.

    The match did not out-do Randy Orton vs. Christian, but it was definitely a great match in it's own right.

    The highlight of the match wasn't any wrestling, though.  It was a kid in the first row throwing his drink at R-Truth.  Whether he was a plant and that was planned or not, it was a great way to start the ending sequence to the match.

    On a scale of 1-10, this match gets an 8.