Creature VS Creature: A Longhorn on Texas-Texas Tech

Chase DunaganCorrespondent IOctober 28, 2008

This a an article written in about the Texas/Texas Tech game from a Longhorn's point of view.  If you would like to read about this game from the Point of view of a Red Raider then go here...

There’s no name for this rivalry game.  No clever title. The winning team doesn’t get a golden hat, or a giant axe, or even a little boot. It’s one of the most lopsided rivalries you will ever hear about.  But the Texas/Texas Tech game isn’t just about boasting to the nation which team is better.  It’s about the younger school trying to prove to the older school that it belongs, and the older school trying to prove to the younger school that it will NEVER belong.

You see, 125 years ago the University of Texas was established.  Then, 40 years later, Texas Tech University was founded.   In their first ever meeting, in 1928, Texas shut out Tech, 12-0.  After that, Texas played Tech sparingly until 1955.  Until then Texas had outscored Tech 186-32 in six games. 

Then something unexpected happened.  Tech beat Texas.  The very next year Tech was admitted into the South West Conference after having been denied membership for twenty years.   Beating Texas can go a long way in gaining respect. 

Texas has dominated the rivalry with an overall record of 43-14.  But that is not telling of how close the games usually are. And recently, Tech has loved to play the spoiler to Texas' season.

In 1998, Tech ended Texas’ hopes of a Big 12 South Title. And in 2002 Tech snuck up on No.4 Texas and beat them, keeping Texas out of a BCS bowl and putting them into the Cotton Bowl. 

But since 2002, Mack Brown has not lost to Texas Tech, and has beaten them by an average of 48-30.  

And this year seems to be no different….

From the perspective of a Texas Longhorn, all I can say is that Texas Tech gets so much undeserved hype every single year for because of their offense.  Yet once they play Texas, they are quickly brought down to earth and remember that they will NEVER be part of the elite in college football.   

Another important part of the rivalry is of course the fans…

“This is our year.”   “This is our year.” That is all I ever hear from Tech fans.  I guess they think that one day if they say it enough, it will come true.  But college football is not about fairy tales.  Just because Tech is the perennial doormat for the Texas Longhorns, does not mean that Tech will beat Texas this year.  In fact, it gives an edge to the Longhorns that were on this team in 2006 and came back from a 21-0 first quarter deficit.  They KNOW they own the Red Raiders, and Saturday they will prove it once again. 

Tech fans are also known for their harsh actions towards opposing fans.  The Aggie goalpost incident ring any bells?   As a college student I was fortunate enough to attend the 2006 game between Texas and Texas Tech. I was sitting in the Tech section and was surrounded on all sides by Tech fans.  Luckily, four of them were my best friends.  But as far as I could tell, the usual Tech fan is neither harsh nor moronic.  Well, not harsh anyways. 

But as for the students… Wow!  I think the only reason my friends weren’t booing me as well was because we were not sitting in the student section and hence they were not under the mob mentality that is the Tech student section. They Boo, cuss, and throw stuff at opposing fans.  It is pretty intense. 

As for games at DKR… well my friend was pleasantly surprised when he attended last year’s game with me and my friends in Austin.  No one cussed at him, booed him, threw anything at him or even really spoke to him.  Here in Austin we are all pretty chilled.  We understand that it is Tech, and we own them.  But Tech fans feel the need to earn college football’s respect, and therefore, take it pretty far during the games.  (Try to listen to the chants this Saturday).  

All in all, this game comes down to who can stop who.  Texas Tech has an amazing offense.  They can score at will with great receivers, and have two great running backs to keep the defenses honest.  But their defense has had some troubles… letting Eastern Washington put 24 on them is a telling story. 

Texas on the other hand has an amazing offense that not only gets into the endzone on most occasions, but also chews up the clock while their at it.  They have the front runner in the Heisman (McCoy), they have the best receiver in college football right now in Jordan Shipley, and hopefully they will implement Fozzy Whitaker who is a red-shirt freshman and a game breaker at running back.

The Texas defense is stacked and has held, Missouri, Oklahoma State, and Oklahoma under their average points per game. With Will Muschamp at the reins, this defense plays like champions week in and week out.  

My thoughts are that if Texas can hold Tech to 35 or less, then Texas will win, no doubt.

If Tech scores more than 35 points then it is a tossup because Tech will not be able to hold Texas to under 40 points.

I think Crabtree gets shut down by our defense, just as Inglesias, Maclin, and Bryant were.  McCoy has another career day, throwing for 400 yards and running for an additional 75, securing the Heisman trophy. 


Texas wins 52-28. 


Hook’em Horns!


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