WWE: My Monday Night Raw (Viewers' Choice)

Nate Scaccia@@TheNateScacciaAnalyst IIIJune 20, 2011

WWE: My Monday Night Raw (Viewers' Choice)

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    Welcome to my Monday Night Raw Viewers' Choice, special edition. Last week I asked you to leave any matches that you wanted to see on the show in various comment sections of articles. I have taken your matches, and I have also added a few from your comments in other articles.

    Last week on Raw, Stone Cold had control and gave us a great show. Various feuds were continued for Capitol Punishment.

    At my Capitol Punishment, Dolph Ziggler, Ezekiel Jackson, Beth Phoenix, Randy Orton and John Cena all came out with gold.

    What new story lines will develop on this edition of my Monday Night Raw? Let's find out.

Opening Segment

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    We open the show with a video package about the Viewers' Choice special edition.

    Vince McMahon makes his way to the ring. He is here to talk about how special this show will be. He says that the fans have all the power tonight.

    McMahon continues to talk, but he is interrupted by CM Punk.

    Punk comes down to the ring and tells McMahon he is tired of being overlooked on this show and by this company. He says he has more talent and charisma than anyone backstage and in the arena.

    McMahon tells Punk to calm down because the fans have voted him in for the main event. Punk gives a little smile, but he still looks angry.

    McMahon is leaving the ring when Alberto Del Rio comes out. Del Rio tells McMahon he got robbed last night at Capitol Punishment. He says he didn't lose to John Cena, and asks McMahon what kind of company he is running.

    McMahon gets angry and starts yelling at both men. He says no one will ever tell him what to do or how to run his business.

    Right on cue, Cena comes out and makes fun of Punk and Del Rio and tells McMahon to calm down. Cena says if Del Rio wants a rematch then he can have one—tonight.

    McMahon tells Cena he has already been booked for the night and so has Del Rio. That match will not take place tonight. He tells the fans not to worry because all three of these men will be in action tonight.

    McMahon leaves and we go to commercial.

Match 1: Kane vs. Ezekiel Jackson

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    Kane welcomes us as we come back from commercial. He gets in the ring and awaits his opponent.

    The fans have chosen Ezekiel Jackson to compete against Kane.

    Kane and Jackson stare at each other until Jackson slaps Kane. Kane laughs and gives Jackson an uppercut. Jackson only moves a little and resets his stare on Kane. Both men seem equally matched as the lock up for a test of strength.

    Jackson is a little bit stronger than Kane, and he backs him into the corner. Jackson lets out his primal scream and backs off of Kane.

    Kane comes out of the corner and closelines Jackson. Kane hits another closeline before grabbing Jackson and hitting a sidewalk slam. Kane holds up his hand for the chokeslam and grabs Jackson's neck when he gets back to his feet. Jackson grabs Kane's arm and pulls it off of his neck. Jackson then decks Kane with a right hand before hitting him with a belly to back suplex.

    Kane goes to the corner and Jackson follows with a turnbuckle closeline. Kane is down, and Jackson is in control. Jackson picks up Kane and hits three slams on him. He goes for the pin and receives a close two count.

    Kane slowly gets to his feet and connects with an uppercut. Jackson is stunned, and Kane hits another one. Jackson is still on his feet as Kane runs off the ropes looking to connect with a big boot.

    Jackson counters the boot with a huge Samoan drop and pins Kane for the victory.

Match 2: Viewers' Choice Tag Team Match

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    This is a viewers' choice tag team match. Theses teams have been chosen from your comments, as well as from e-mails I have received.

    Daniel Bryan is out first and he gets a nice reaction.

    His partner will be Kofi Kingston. Kingston will be looking to rebound after his Capitol Punishment loss.

    William Regal comes out next, but he is not the one who is competing. Regal says these next two men are the future of the WWE and everyone better take notice.

    Sheamus and Drew McIntyre come out together, and Regal escorts them to the ring. The match is set to begin, with McIntyre and Kingston starting things.

    Kingston goes for a quick kick, but McIntyre backs away. McIntyre and Kingston lock up for a test of strength. McIntyre overpowers Kingston and backs him into the corner.

    McIntyre throws a few elbows and a big right hand before the referee makes him back out of the corner. McIntyre argues with the referee while Regal jumps up on the ring apron and chokes Kingston. McIntyre tags in Sheamus, and he goes to work.

    Sheamus hits a nice suplex on Kingston, and he is down in the ring. Sheamus goes for the pin but gets a two count. Sheamus taunts the crowd, and then drags Kingston to his corner.

    Sheamus tags in McIntyre and the two choke Kingston while he is sitting at the turnbuckle. McIntyre picks up Kingston and hits a big closeline. He goes for the pin, but Bryan runs in and breaks it up. Sheamus then comes in and takes out Bryan.

    In all of the confusion, McIntyre has Kingston in the hod for the Future Shock. Kingston counters it and hits the Trouble in Paradise out of nowhere. Sheamus is still in the ring, and the referee is distracted yet again. Regal climbs into the ring and blasts Kingston with his brass knuckles. Kingston and McIntyre are both down. By the time the referee turns around, Regal is out of the ring.

    The referee starts his ten count. McIntyre manages to tag in Sheamus, and he pins Kingston. The count is only two, and Sheamus is getting angry. Kingston manages to land a few kicks on Sheamus and sets up for a roundhouse kick but Sheamus ducks. Kingston kicks the referee instead. The referee is down when Kingston tags in Bryan.

    Bryan comes in and cleans house. He knocks McIntyre off of the apron and has Sheamus in the Labell lock when the referee awakens. Since the referee did not see the tag, he makes Kingston get back in the ring. Bryan is forced to break the hold.

    Kingston comes in and goes for the pin, but Sheamus kicks out at two. Kingston is sizing up Sheamus for the Trouble in Paradise when Regal grabs his leg. The referee yells at him to back away, and Kingston gets distracted. Sheamus nails him with a Brogue Kick and throws Bryan in the ring.

    Sheamus tags in McIntyre, who hits the Future Shock on Bryan. McIntyre then pins Kingston for the victory.

    Regal gets in the ring and celebrates with the two men. Regal grabs a mic and says this is the future of the WWE. He says these two men will have bright futures in the business.

    Regal then signals to the back and Mason Ryan and Wade Barrett come out. Now all five men are in the ring. Regal says all of the American people think they are better than everyone else.

    Regal says these men are far superior to any American and that this group will be called "The Empire Alliance." He says they will reign supreme over the WWE.

    All the men leave the ring as we go to commercial.

Match 3: Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya

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    Beth Phoenix makes her way to the ring, showcasing her new Divas Championship.

    Natalya is out next, and the two divas are ready to begin.

    The crowd is cheering as these two powerful divas are finally meeting inside the ring. The two shake hands and separate. Beth locks up with Natalya and puts her in a headlock. Beth throws her off, and Natalya hits a shoulder block. Natalya runs to the ropes, but Beth is up already and hits her with a scoop powerslam.

    Beth locks in an armbar, but Natalya fights out of it. Natalya hits a powerslam of her own before locking in a Single Leg Boston Crab. Beth crawls to the ropes, and Natalya breaks the hold. Natalya then sets up for a DDT, but Beth counters it into a suplex. She goes for the pin but only gets a two count.

    Beth waits for Natalya to get back on her feet. When she does, Beth goes for a big boot. Beth misses and ends up with her leg through the second rope. Natalya pulls her down and goes for the roll up pin. Natalya gets a two count before Beth kicks out.

    Natalya then pulls Beth into the ring and locks in the Sharpshooter. Beth slowly crawls to the ropes and reaches them. Natalya breaks the hold and the match continues.

    Beth limps to a corner, and Natalya charges her. Perhaps she was looking to hit a closeline, but Beth dodges the move. Natalya stumbles out of the corner and walks into Beth and her finishing move. Beth hits it and picks up the victory.


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    The Empire Alliance is backstage and the are talking about their future in the WWE. They say that they will dominate both Raw and SmackDown.  Regal mentions they will welcome the group's female member when she is ready. Regal also says this group is about unity. They are a team and if anyone wants to quit the group, they are welcome to. But they will not be allowed back in.

    Barrett speaks up and says that no one will be quitting anytime soon. They all smile as we head back ringside for our next match.

Match 4: Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler

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    The new United States Champion Dolph Ziggler is out first. He gets nice heat as he awaits his opponent.

    Randy Orton makes his entrance to a nice pop, and the match is underway.

    Orton starts off with a few right hands followed by a kick to Ziggler's face. Ziggler rolls outside and Vicki comforts him. Orton laughs at him and chases him around the ring. Ziggler runs back in the ring, tackling Orton when he gets back inside the ring. Ziggler stomps on him and eventually hits a DDT. Ziggler is in control as we head to commercial.

    Ziggler is still in control when we come back. He has Orton in a submission move, but Orton fights out of it and goes on the offensive. Orton hits a few shoulder blocks and a powerslam before he lines Ziggler up for an RKO.

    Just as Ziggler stands up, Wade Barrett and Mason Ryan storm the ring. They attack Orton and the referee calls for the bell.

    Ryan and Barrett beat on Orton, and he is helpless. After a minute or two, Rey Mysterio runs down to the ring. He tries to help Orton, but Ryan decks him with a huge closeline.

    Barrett is in control of Orton and he hits a Wasteland. Ryan hits his finisher on Mysterio, and they throw him out of the ring. The two stand over Orton, looking to deliver more punishment, when the Big Show comes out looking to even the odds.

    Show does not see Sheamus and McIntyre run up behind him, and they take him out before he even gets in the ring. Barrett, Sheamus, Ryan and McIntyre all stand in the ring, their arms held high in victory.

Match 5: 20 Man Battle Royal

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    The fans have chosen to have a 20-Man Battle royal.

    Here are your competitors:  Alex Riley, Chris Masters, Curt Hawkins, Evan Bourne, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Jack Swagger, Christian, The Usos, JTG, Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes, R-Truth, Santino Marella, Vladimir Kozlov, Tyson Kidd, Ted DiBiase, Trent Barreta and Booker T.

    The bell rings and the match begins. The ring is complete chaos, as everyone is fighting. Evreyone fights for about two minutes—until Hawkins is thrown over the top rope.

    Then JTG and Ted DiBiase get thrown over. Kozlov and Henry are slugging it out, and Henry goes for a closeline. Henry manages to eliminate Kozlov, but he also eliminates himself with the move.

    Barreta, Uso, Bourne and Masters are all thrown over. Kidd throws Marella over the ropes, but then he is thrown over by Christian. Swagger eliminates Slater, and then Gabriel eliminates Swagger.

    Riley, Christian, Rhodes, Booker T, R-Truth and Gabriel remain.

    Riley manages to eliminate Justin Gabriel, but R-Truth eliminates Riley. Booker T then eliminates R-Truth, leaving three men in the ring.

    Christian and Rhodes team up against Booker T, but he takes care of them. Booker T is setting up for his Scissors Kick, but Rhodes hits him with the Cross Rhodes. Cody throws Booker T over the ring and taunts the crowd.

    He isn't paying attention to Christian, who is behind him. Christian knocks him over the ropes, and he is your winner.

Main Event Chosen by the Viewers/Readers

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    It is now time for our main event.

    CM Punk is out first, and we discover that this will be a tag team match.

    Alberto Del Rio is his partner, and he makes his way to the ring.

    Out next is John Cena, and he gets a good reaction.

    We are waiting to see who his partner is when...Zack Ryder's music hits, and Long Island Iced Z makes his way to the ring to a great reaction.

    Cena and Del Rio start things off. Cena locks Del Rio in a head lock and takes him to the ground. Cena gets up and gives Del Rio the "you can't see me" taunt.

    The crowd starts a "WE WANT RYDER!!!" chant, and Cena looks on with a big smile. He goes to tag in Ryder, and the crowd starts to cheer. He tags him in, and the crowd goes crazy.

    Ryder hits a nice closeline on Del Rio before giving his "WOO WOO WOO" taunt. Punk runs in and punches Ryder in the back of the head, drawing huge heat.

    Cena runs in and takes care of Punk. Del Rio then locks in his armbar on Ryder. Fortunately, Ryder is close to the ropes and he manages to grab them to break the hold.

    Del RIo tags in Punk, and he hits Ryder with move after move. He ends the barrage with a bulldog and gives his own version of "WOO WOO WOO." Ryder crawls over to Cena, but he can't reach him in time because Punk grabs his legs and pulls him back.

    Punk starts messing with Ryder. He is kicking, slapping and taunting him. Punk turns around to taunt the crowd, and Ryder rolls him up for a very close two count.

    Ryder then tags in Cena who cleans house. Cena takes out Punk and Del Rio. Cena hits Punk with the five-knuckle shuffle and is setting up for the AA when Del Rio runs in the ring.

    Ryder hits him with a Rough Ryder and sends him to the mat. Cena then hits Punk with the AA and pins him for the victory. Cena and Ryder celebrate with huge smiles on their faces as we close the show.


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    That concludes my Viewers' Choice Raw.

    What did you think about it? What do you think about The Empire Alliance or anything else that happened on the show?

    Leave your questions, comments and suggestions in the comment section.

    Thanks for reading.