Nets Rookies Look To Bolster Bench

Alejandro GoezContributor IOctober 27, 2008


The new look Nets hope to find some chemistry with Vince Carter, Devin Harris, and Jianlian Yi leading the team. Having player contribute of the bench is crucial to any team's success. The Nets seem to have an interesting mix of rookie talent and veteran presence in their bench. If the Nets want to have any chance of competing in the now stronger Atlantic Division Lawrence Frank will have to find a way use the veterans efficiently, while still developing the rookies. Undoubtedly if the team flops the rookies will get their time.

Brooke Lopez at the moment seems to be the first rookie to get his chance with projected starting center Josh Boone missing the last 9 days of the preseason. Lopez isn't a flashy player, but should help the Net's defense and rebounding where they struggled last year.

Chris Douglas-Roberts could turn out to be a lucky pick for the Nets if he is able to transition his abilities to the pro level. He had a knack for scoring while in college who made a high percentage of his shots from beyond the arc. At 6'6 he might find himself playing more in the small forward position, which could help the Nets in the offensive game.

Ryan Anderson looks like the rookie that might have the least amount of impact on the team because of the depth at power forwards. He can shoot and had a good percentage of shots made from beyond the arc, but it still remains to be seen if he can play defensive. At 20 years old he still has a lot to fill in and might only see substantial minutes towards the latter part of the season.

A decent addition to the team in the off-season was the acquisition of Eduardo Najera, A player who has been known throughout his career as a high energy off the bench role player. Even though he is getting older he can shoot the 3-pointer pretty efficiently and can play tough defense. He brings experience to the team, but with age comes a loss of step. If healthy he could be a highly effective player in spurts.

Despite have an impact his rookie season Sean Williams will have to take a back seat in the center and power forward positions. With Stromile Swift struggling with back problems Williams will be the 5th big man on the team. Williams brings a lot of energy to the team. He rebounds extremely well proved to be one of the best shot blockers in the league. However he was poor handling the ball and turned the ball over often. If he can just get a better grasp of the game he could end up taking the center role down the line.

Backing up Devin Harris at point guard will be Kenyon Dooling, a solid defender who’s quick to the ball. He doesn’t have great skills dribbling but since he started attacking the rim last season he will take high percentage shots.

Trenton Hassell will provide some minutes defensively for the team and might play a small role in the offensive but wont have much of an impact.

Jarvis Hayes will split time with Bobby Simmons at small forward and might provide some offensive support. Expect him to play no more than a few minutes per game.

When it comes to the present the teams bench isn’t very strong, however with the rookies expected to get a lot of minutes when the Nets fall off. The Nets depth can only get stronger for the future.