B/R Creature vs Creature 2.0: New Competition for the Wrestling Section

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIJune 19, 2011

Hello all, my name is Joe Burgett and I have a new competition of which has never been done, at least in the Pro-Wrestling Section here on B/R.

B/R has it's policies on who is the top writer, and it's something I've held in this section numerous times. At one point, I got there in 28 days. But the issue has always been that people keep saying they have their own opinion on who is the best writer.

B/R's policy is that whoever has the top amount of reads, on top of comments, will be the section's top writer. This is a policy that has been in place for some time, and one they have tinkered with some.

Problem here is, it's mostly based on reads, and a lot of people are mad about this. And who can blame them?

So, I have a solution. This will be something of which will make B/R's wrestling section more unique than it already is, and it'll get great wrestling articles for the section. Which is, of course, going to make this even more of a great place to write.

This will be a Tournament. Every writer is eligible, no one is left out. You simply have to be able to write at least once every week, for a number of weeks.

Depending on the number of people who join, there will be divisions. Each division will have a number of writers. Of course, the number depends on who's in the competition.

I hope to have four divisions, like what you see in the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

The seeding will be based on a few things including total amount of reads, comments (received and given), medals, etc.

This means if you're not a Featured Columnist but have been writing for a while, you could be a top seed. I'll choose the seeds, and people know I am by no means bias toward anyone here.

The seeding will have each writer put into certain divisions.

There will be a random pool that puts people in certain divisions. So basically there could be an all Featured Columnist section, and the others could have one or less. All random, but of course based on seeding and number of people in the competition.

Every week, topics will be handed out to the people going head-to-head in a Creature vs Creature style competition, and the people pick the winner of them. You can't vote for yourself by the way.

The topics will be chosen by me, however, when my competition comes up, someone else will choose the topic I write on to be fair until my elimination.

The articles will be done from Monday to Friday, different divisions being on different days. There will be one day (24 hours) to vote on who you like best. You'd simply write in the comment section on the article that you liked the most, the words, "My Pick is for (name of the author)."

This will help me know who was picked. However, you're free to still comment on the others.

At the end of the week, I will see how many picks were for each writer. The losing writer gets eliminated from the competition.

Then, the next week's head-to-heads will be chosen on the same article so that everyone knows who they will be facing next week. Days will be chosen for each article as well. The topics will also be given, so that you can prepare.

This will go all the way to where there is two writers left. They will go head-to-head in the same way, but the catch is that a topic will be voted on for the people to decide.

Then, they will write on it and the people will choose who they liked the most.

The winner will be the Wrestling Section's Top Writer.

The reward for winning is just that, the distinction of being the very best and lasting against some of the top writers this section has ever seen.

Whoever wants in needs to leave a comment below saying they want to join the competition. You have three days to choose whether you'd like to be in or not. The deadline is midnight central, Wednesday morning.

That very same day, divisions will be made, writers will know who they will face, and topics will be handed out.

To the people I say this: If you want to be known as the best, this is the only way to prove that you are.

If you have any further questions, please send me a PM here on B/R.