Top Six Dinosaur Resembling Players in the NBA

Steven Elonich@@TheMainSteventCorrespondent IJune 19, 2011

Top Six Dinosaur Resembling Players in the NBA

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    After Chris Bosh sparked this thought in his Toronto Raptors playing days, I'm beginning to notice more and more players who look like dinosaurs in the NBA. Of course, Bosh has moved on from the Raptors, but his dinosaur legacy has lived on in the hearts of many.

    Here is a list of the top six players who closely resemble the extinct beasts.

Nene Hilario

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    We start off with the dinosaur of the mountains, Nene Hilario. While in Denver, he intimidates anybody unfortunate enough to drive down his lane and is simply known by his first name.

Carlos Boozer

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    Carlos Boozer is the most vocal of the dinosaurs. He is apparently a friendly dinosaur, as he doesn't get physical in the paint and attempts to draw a foul by screaming every offensive possession. He decided to hide in the playoffs, as he can be a shy dinosaur when the spot light is on.

Joel Anthony

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    This man has a large head. Although this is not the only Miami Heat player on this list (you should know who the other is), he makes a case at being the most dinosaur-like. Anthony isn't a big fan of offense, but can defend the paint on the other end of the court.

    Have you seen his head?!

A.J. Burnett

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    Okay, I cheated here. I was watching the Cubs vs. Yankees game with my friends and we all came to the conclusion that A.J. Burnett looks strikingly similar to a raptor. Every time Fox showed a close up of his face, it became more and more apparent. His hair slicked back in sweat and the tattoos definitely added to the infamous look.

Charles Barkley

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    He still counts because he's an analyst. Charles Barkley is by far the funniest of these dinosaurs, despite if it is always intended humor or not. His constant bold remarks are a sigh of relief for NBA fans tired of hearing that every team is great and equal.

Chris Bosh

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    Why did he not stay with the Raptors? He was so perfect there. When on the bench, he could have doubled as the mascot. Last summer he ruined that match made in heaven by joining the Heat, but him and his dinosaur looks will always be remembered in Toronto.